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Spring has sprung

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Last week snow - today it is 84 degrees. The snow is melting fast and I am starting to see the buds of the trees, robins and flowers. Yeah!!!
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Nora! Where in MI are you?

I am in Lansing. I have crocuses up all over and a daff is already in bloom! Shorts for me today!
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It is supposed to be near 80 tomorrow. Here is to hoping!
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It is pretty warm in NJ too!
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It is officially HOT in GA!! Over 80! Whew! It'll be full blast hot and humid here in a couple weeks!!! Just about everything either has bloomed already or is blooming.
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Its been in the 80s, for over a week. We'll hit 100, next month.

My bougainvillea is blooming a little bit but they have cutworms and may not make it. The aloe vera plants in front of the house are starting to bud, though.
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I live in Marquette, Michigan - Upper Peninsula. I've been to Lansing serveral times on business.
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I've never seen aloe flowers. Just the green plant. What do their flowers look like?
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The magnolia blossoms are finally opening on the tree on my front lawn. They are so pretty! It was 68 here today, going to 80 tomorrow. I love this weather!!!
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We had a huge storm last night thunder, lightening, hail and 30 mph winds. It started around 12 Midnight and was in full form by 2 AM. I could tell Max was afraid of the lightening. It lit up the whole house. He could not get close enough to me, so I laid on my side, he laid over one arm and I put the other arm around him. I'm glad I remembered to unplug all the televisions and disconnect the cable.
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Its raining, today. Its been so nice, lately and now - YUCK!

Aloe vera flowers are knid of greenish-white. A tall stalk grows up out of the middle of the plant and a cluster of buds sprouts on the top.
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It's about time that today is nearly 80 degrees.. Yay!!
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It's in the 80's here, too . . .
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I think we are getting to just above 80 today, if you can believe that in MICHIGAN!

We slept with the windows open last night It was awesome!
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