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We need sleep...Please Help!!!

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Please help...
My husband can't not get any extra sleep. Our two 4 month old boy kitties, Murphy and Riley, are not letting us sleep in! We tried to let them sleep with us when we got them a month ago, but they really have no interest in sleeping!!! So, we decided to put their box,food and water out of the room. We are able to sleep until the clock goes off at 5:00am, when my husdand gets up. He does all that he needs to do in our room and goes out of the room at about 6:15am. Well, of course on the weekends they start crying at the door at 6:15am. This past weekend, Riley (I am SURE it is him) is scratching the carpet so badly that he is pulling it up! We live in an apartment and will be moving into our new house in 3 months. I can't have them tearing up the carpet at either place!!! The only thing I was able to do last weekend, was get up at 6:15am with them...not fun! All they wanted was one of their humans to be up! They are free fed, and there was food in their bowl!
This morning...on Friday...when the clock went off at 5am, they were scratching at the door! Needless to say, I am exhausted and my husband is grumpy!
Please help!!!
Thank you!!!
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Really theres not much you can do. You can let them do this until they get the idea that they are not coming in. They have already been trained and programed to get some love when everyone gets up. It may help if you just open the door and let them in so you can go back to bed. The kittenish behavior will settle down when they get older.
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Hi love4two,

This is brings back so many unpleasant memories. Unfortunatley, Sandie is correct, there isn't much you can do. They are like newborn babies. They seek and desire your attention. They do not understand "middle of the night".

My Lily would do the same thing play all night and cry if I wouldn't play with her, than if I locked her out of the room she would claw the door and carpet, and howel at me to open the door up. It was so frustrating But I can tell you this much, it will end, eventually. I can't really tell you when, but it will end. You will have two quiet sleeping babies!

Just hang in there until then.
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I want to thank you guys so much for support!!! I guess we will just have to suck it up and realize that they just adore us...That isn't really that bad of a deal!!!

Just one more question...do I still keep them out and just ignore the carpet scratching, or do I let them in once the scratching starts and hope that the sand-man returns??? Or do we just leave the door open all night???

Thanks again!!! :tounge2:
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Great question...

This is up to you and your husband. I couldn't stand the clawing noise and the guilt that my baby wanted in my room and I was refusing her. I let her run around and one of us always tired out first.

You could always have a really hard play session right before bed time. Sometimes that worked for me. Remember too, the younger they are and "permitted" to claw outside your bedroom door the harder it will be to break the habit when they are older. Trust me... I know this all to well
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Thanks a million Shannon!!!

Not only do I feel SO guilty for keeping them from coming in to love us, I really do not want the carpet torn to shreds!

I think that when they are ready for some affection in the morning, I will see who tires first!!!

Have a super holiday weekend!!!

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