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Help me sort out this urination problem?

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My female 1 yro (spayed, vaccinated, indoor only, claws intact), pooed on our bed when she was a kitten. It happened twice almost in a row. We sprayed on Nature's Miracle, washed etc. We also kept that door closed at all times for a couple of months, until we believed she had forgotten all about that room. I really do believe she did.

It's now been probably close to 9 months since then, but in July we had a couple over who spent a week with us, they had a baby, also we hosted a party for the rest of the family while they were still here. Lots of people, lots of kids, lots of noise. She was VERY unhappy and didn't want to be anywhere close to them. She stayed in our bedroom, and urinated on our bed (I found her in it). I think that was our fault, I think she was scared to walk past everyone to get to the litterbox, and I didn't even think about it.

We treated the bed (cause it soaked through to the mattress) with NM, but not the comforter. I took it to the laundra mat instead and got it washed.

Now, one month later, it's been a calm house (other than our kids and their friends, which she is used to). We had a gentleman over who sat by our kitchen table, talking to dh for an hour or two. That night we discovered our bed was all wet. Dh thinks it happened because of our visitor. She does not like strangers. Took the comfortor outside, sprayed it well on both sides, let it dry. Treated the mattress twice, the first time it soaked all the way through to the other side, so I would think I had put enough on it. Let it dry outside. Then treated it once more, let it dry inside under a fan, cause it still smelled a little.

The comforter was now dry, so I put it in a heap on our kitchen floor before taking it to the laundra mat again. We found the cat this morning, urinating on it, while it was still on the kitchen floor.

So what do I make of this??? Is she attracted to the smell, after treatment, or is it a behavioral problem? Is it the comforter itself? I now took the comforter in the garage and poured on lots of NM, really soaked it. But I'm afraid she'll still see it as her new, beautiful litterbox. But if we buy a new one, I'm afraid she's going to go on that one too.

It's going to be real hard to keep the door to our room shut at all times. We have another cat too, and with the kids it will be hard to stop a cat from sneaking in and locking it in there thinking the cats are out, then closing the door.

What are your thoughts about what's going on?
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This is copied from the sticky. Hissy wrote....

Also if you cat is peeing on a pile of clothes or other objects, some cats are drawn to the smell of bleach, so if you leave a laundry bag of bleached whites within reach, the problem kitty will pee on them. You can take an old sheet that you care nothing about and soak it in a bucket of lemon juice and water- making the lemon juice stronger by adding less water. Once the sheet has soaked for a few hours, take it out and line dry it, and use this to cover anything the cat is peeing on. They will avoid citrus smelling items at all costs.

Along the lines of peeing on clothes: According to Cat Behaviorist Amy Shojai- if your cat is peeing on personal items and has been checked out medically as ok. The cat could be stressed out over something. Urinating on some object that holds your scent is calming to him. You can read more about Amy on her website www.shojai.com

Here is the link. Some other useful info in there on how to get rid of urine. NM may not be taking care of the job.

I would guess DH is right about the visitors and stress.

Hopefully more will post with help. Good luck.
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i've read that cats urinate on items which smell of their owners to try & create a mutual 'family scent', like when you come in from work or wherever & kitty rubs all round your legs - she's making you smell like home again. the same with weeing on something that smells like you - mixing the scents to make a collective one.

my marvin widdled on our guest bed after someone had stayed in it - he wanted it to smell of us again, not the 'intruder'. perhaps your girly just wants it to smell like home again after all these different people came around?? i would invest in a feliway spray +/- diffuser so it calms her down & neutralises the territory.

its never pleasant having peepee on a bed though, is it??!! when marv did it, it went completely through the mattress & made a pool on the carpet. nice!!!!!
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Thank you for your replies! I didn't even see the sticky on top, I was so desperate for a quick answer. I've been doing a lot of cleaning lately! LOL!
Anyway, those links were very helpful, I'll be referring to those in the future, if needed.
Thanks again!
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