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Tropic Thunder

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Anyone seen this yet? If you haven’t, and are not easily offended or turned off my crude humor, I totally recommend this movie.

It was hilarious! I think I cried at least 4 times from laughing so hard. There are so many stars in it too. Tom Cruise, he was one of the more funny characters believe it or not. They made him look hilarious and his script was too funny, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Tyra banks had a part, Nick Nolte, Matthew McConaughy, there were small parts with Jon Voight, Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lance Bass, and more. Its amazing how many stars were in this flick.

Also, visually, for a stupid movie, it was beautiful! It must have been a high budget movie because it just looked amazing.

This movie was hilarious, my boyfriend was laughing so hard, and crying at the same time I thought he was going to keel over lol
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I just saw this last night and personally, I didn't think it was that good. I love stuff like Family Guy (the older episodes anyway) and South Park and this is kind of the same kind of humor but I found it to be more like new episodes of Family Guy, which I almost can't watch because they are so stupid. Tom Cruise gave a great performance in this movie, but honestly I think it was one of the worst movies I have seen for a while.
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I thought it was pretty good, although it is probably more "guy humor" than most movies I would like. It was kind of gross at times, but overall funny.

I loved Robert Downey Jr, thought Jack Black was unnecessary. Ben Stiller always plays the same part. I also loved the phony trailers at the beginning of the movie. Tom Cruise will probably appear in my nightmares.
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I tend to like guy humor. Probably why all my girlfriends, and most the females on here don’t like the movies I loved lol.

I don’t think Jack Black is ever necessary. He is so annoying, and his parts are so obnoxious, its not even funny. Its like kid humor. Who laughs at farts anymore?

I just love Ben Stiller. Yes, all his parts are the same, I just love how he acts so serious, like it’s a serious drama movie and not a comedy… just makes it funny for me.

Tom Cruise was my favorite though… I had no clue he had it in him LOL I was laughing my butt off whenever he was on screen. He was awesome.

Robert Downy Jr I always love. He was hilarious. The trailer at the beginning for him was awesome with Toby Mcguire LOL.
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I loved it.

Some people were boycotting it because of all the 'Simple Jack' stuff but the entire movie was a satire of Hollywood, so I think that's kinda misdirected.

Robert Downey made that movie. Ben Stiller's direction skills also were pretty impressive.
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I am not a guy, and I loved it. I can see how it would be more appreciated by my male friends than my female ones though. Downey Jr's character was very funny, and his trailer preview made me laugh so hard. I don't usually appreciate Jack Black, but I think his part was more understated than usual despite how obnoxious he was. But I think my favourite parts were between the two 'unknown' actors and the rest, the "real" black guy and the kid who actually went to film school.

Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughy were really funny as were a lot of the smaller parts.
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