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Cat not liking husband!

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Hi, I have had my cat Kizzy for about 13/14 months and she is very close to me.I have a busy and noisy house(having 5 kids) so she tends to keep out of their way.What I can't understand is why she appears to hate my husband so much.He has never harmed her or mistreated her,although he is the one that worms/fleas and weighs her! She will not sit with anyone else other than me which I don't mind lol.If she has been out and comes inside when my husband is home she either flys past or won't come in,so I have to make him go in another room so I can get her in.Also she growls at him when he comes to bed.Is there anything I can do to help them have a better relationship?
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Have your husband give your cat treats, if your cat can have them. The way to the heart is indeed, through the stomache. If your husband does this consistantly, for a while, the kitty should come to love being in his company.
Best of Luck,
Rob & Sport
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Thanks, my husband does feed her occasionally but not treats.I will definately encourage him to do this with her!
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Make some catnip tea. The next time your husband washes his hair, have him rinse with the tea.
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Cat treats sounds like a good idea.

The other thing that helps bonding is playing with the cats. Lie down on the floor with them and play with a kitty fishing pole (a dangling thing on an elastic band). Or playing fetch with a catnip mouse is always a big hit, tossing it back and forth from one end of a hall to the other. I had one little kitty that would bring the mouse back to throw it again.

I'm working on a shy kitty right now. Kitty treats might help. She walks up and rubs my legs. She enjoys being petted, purring like crazy, on the few occasions when it's happened. But, she flinches at a hand. The kitty treats might be just the ticket to associate hands with something good.

Any recommendations?
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Not knowing her background, it sounds like she may have been abused by a male (that looks like your husband) in the past. Some cats get over it, some don't. Maybe your husband needs to bribe her with a few tasty treats or some one-on-one playtime with feathers/string toys.
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Did you get her as a kitten or was she an adult? If you got her at a shelter or as a stray, she may be been abused by a male and she may just be associating your husband to someone she didn't like. I know dogs do that so I'm assuming cats do it too.

Also, if he is the one that always does the worming/flea medicine, weighing, etc (all of which cats HATE), she could also be associating him with things she doesn't want to have done. Or, she could just not like or trust him. Who knows what goes on in the mind of cats.

I agree, treats and playing with her are great ideas. The wand is a good idea because it's not direct touching and she may not feel as threatened. Also, see if you can get a laser pointer. I swear, Satan himself could come and visit and if he had a laser pointer he would be my cats' best friend!

Good luck. Some cats only like one human but hopefully your husband can win her over.
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I got her too young I think at 6-7 weeks.If she is sat on window sill she will let him stroke her and sometimes purrs! Playing games is a good idea but don't think it will work because she does'nt play that much.Might be worth having ago though thanks.
I have just this afternoon realised she could be pregnant as her nipples are very pink and a little swollen,Kizzy has been an indoor cat so unfortunately was not spayed.She did get out a month ago whilst I was out,my mum was watching the kids at the time and they apparantly left the door open.She was never out before that nor since.If it turns out she is pregnant she will definately have to be spayed once she has kittens has it was never intended for her to have kittens.Carelessness on my part thinking an indoor cat would not need to be spayed.God help me!
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Indoor cats really should be spayed because its much healthier for them. Their chances for certain cancers are less, they won't be aggresive towards anyone, they won't howl to get out to find a male, or spray your house. Thats probably why she got out. In the long run its better all around when they are spayed/neutered. Good luck.
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