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Cleaning Help! Wee wee

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I am so angry right now! My cats are angry at me because i had to switch cat litter for the mean while until we wait for the good stuff to come in!

Anyway they weed IN my bag, thank goodness our original documents for the cat departure just have a little tiny bit of wee on it, but I am afraid they have ruined my hand luggage!!!

I just washed it under hot water and then threw in... yes I know......... peppermint mouthwash!

THey have also done some wee wee on my blanket which is ok im going to chuck it in the washing machine, but now my couch smells like it too! I have visitors coming this Friday for a whole month and he has to sleep there! We are throwing out the couch anyway so i put a little bleach in a bottle and the rest hot water and sprayed the couch down but I am at loss!

I thought about mixing salt with water to wash the bag, but i dont know what to do, I need this bag im not going to throw it away especially since this will only be our third time to use it!

They are not sick, they are just angry we have distroyed their play gym in the bedroom as i had to throw away our waldrobe, they know there is something major happening because everything is boxed up and we are painting!

I am off to get the "good" cat litter and dragging it home, but I am really ticked off. Here is Kaylee giving me kisses, how can you punish cats anyway?

I hope someone can help me with cleaning the bag up thing!
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Fran do you not want to take them to the vet just to be 100% sure their ok?.
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They were at the vet last week and they are fine, they have to go again in 3 weeks for another check up before departure.
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Bleach will just enhance the smell to the cats, making them want to go there again. The mouthwash probably won't help either, with catnip being in the mint family.

Either get some enzyme cleaner from a pet shop or use vinegar diluted with water.
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I have a canvas bag that one of the cats peed in several years ago.
I soaked the entire bag in water and used an enzyme cleaner and hung it to dry on the clothesline when it was hot and sunny. I had to repeat this several times but the odor did disappear to my nose.

For the sofa-can you flip the cushions??
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Do you have some Feliway to help get them through this transition period?

You might try making a paste of baking soda and water, slathering it on, and letting it dry for a day or two before cleaning it off. Baking soda does amazing things.
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Mix baking soda, peroxiode and little dish soap. I also add vinegar for good measure.

First use a vinegar and water mixture to spray it which will break down the ammonia in the urine. Let it dry.
Then sprinkle the urine area with baking soda.
Then spray it with a 1/3 cup of peroxide and a tBSP of dish soap.
Scrub the spot and then let it dry.
Once it is dry you can either shake out the baking soda of use a handvac to get it out.
If you can set it outside to let some air circulate through it on a warm day even better.

I use these ingredients in various ways and they work. Usually I will even use some Feliway spray on top for good measure.
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