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GED pretest results.....

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I would have posted this yesterday but its been very hit or miss getting on this site for the last week. By mid afternoon till I go to bed I can not get on the site. I don't know whats going on.

Anyways I did pretty good on the pretest. My worst was the math but even that was not terrible. On these first sets of numbers I need an 11 or higher to be pretty sure I'll pass the test.

Reading 12.4
Math Compu 7.0
Applied math 11.4
Language 9.5
Vocab 12.9
Lang Mech 12.9
Spelling 10.8
Total Math 8.8

What I need the most help on in math is integers, fractions, percents, and algebra.

You need at least 450 on each GED test to pass it. Here is the projected scores if I took the test today:

Reading 430
Math 390
Writing 410
Science 430
Social Studies 430
Average 430

Only thing that needs to be reviewed is the Math. My teacher says I can probably be ready to take the test in around 2 months or so.
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So are the results what you expected???

What is the next step now??
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If you want I can help you with math, its no problem at all. Other than that it looks like you did well and with a little more work you will pass no problem.
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Congrats on your results I know you were worried about how you would do but it looks like you did great. Keep up the good work, I know you will do great and have that GED before you know it Just in case sending you some
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Congrats! It looks like you did very well! Don't worry about the math, if I had to take a math test right I know I won't do as well as you did. Just looks like you need to refresh yourself in that subject. Do they offer a tuturing program? Or do you have to do all the studying yourself?
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Does your teacher have any decent math workbooks that have good examples? One that starts out with basic stuff and increases difficulty - and preferably has answers in the back so you can double check all of your work. That's what helped my younger step sister improve her math for her GED test.
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