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Just have to share some good news!

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My sick little foster, Vegas, has been doing nothing but sleeping since we brought him home. Eating a little, and sneezing when he's awake, and that's about it.

But, after a few days of lysine in the food and anti-biotics, he has been getting better. Yesterday, he was actually awake some, bathing, and walking around. I even got some purrs.

But today? Today he is PLAYING!!! If that isn't proof he's feeling better and settling in, nothing is! He's been romping and rough housing with his siblings and making his little lion "Nar" sounding roar most of the night!

I'm just so happy to see my little guy not miserable, I had to share with people I know will appreciate it.

Of course, we're still watching him closely and keep him on the meds, but I take this as a good sign!
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That's great to hear! I'm so happy for you, and your kitty.
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That's great news!
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That's good news Poor baby
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Yay, that's wonderful news!!
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Go, Vegas.
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Wooohoo that's fantastic news!! Its SHOWTIME for Vegas! Here are some vibes for his continued improvement
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Aw, thanks everyone! I am just happy I'm able to report good news!

All four of them are starting to actually get tummies on them instead of hollow holes. Next we want those skeletal hips filled in!

The best thing is just watching them play, all four of them now! I knew you all would understand.

And thanks for the vibes!
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Hooray, that's fabulous!!!!! I love that moment when you realise they are no longer just skin and bones
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So glad they are getting healthy
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Yay! That's wonderful news!

You go, Vegas!
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Janet, you take such care of your fosters! for Vegas, too.
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Good Job Nothing makes a foster mommy happier than seeing the foster kids playing! More good vibs for more good health
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