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My gang

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All seems to be well, with the menagerie. Rowdy has decided that Buddy makes a good playmate - he doesn't hiss at her and give her a swat, like Opie does.

Finally, I have a snuggle kitty. Opie is very aloof and dignified. He comes around, now and then, for an ear scratch. Rowdy is too cussed ornery to sit still, for long. Buddy is a snuggler, though.

Last night, he decided to settle in between Bill and me. He's welcome in the bed and he can sleep on either side but NOT in the middle! He spent part of the night at my feet and part against Bill.

Buddy still isn't having any part of the dogs, though. I tried introducing him to Ike. Buddy hissed and spat and scared Ike to death! Ike ran around behind Bill and shook like a leaf! We had to laugh at this great big dog, afraid of a 10-lb pussycat. Pearl is a bit too rambunctious, as yet. We don't want to freak Buddy out, too much.
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Aren't lapcats awesome?!?! Our third is a little love and she melts my heart when she climbs into my lap purring like a freight train.

I think it's time for you to expand your sig Cindy, Opie is the only one getting any facetime...that could be construed as favortism
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I know. I'm just not good at this stuff. It was hard enough getting this one and I had to have someone help with it.
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I am lucky to even get smilies with my posts, but I know that there are some folks here who could surely help you do a nice sig with all the kids.
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I'd like to get some nice head shots of everybody. There's no way to get them all to sit together. Buddy and Opie DO NOT like dogs.
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The great thing about creating a sig on the computer is you don't need everyone in the same shot, for it to LOOK like they are all in the same shot. I'm sure if you asked for help, many of the kind people around here who are more computer savvy than myself would help you out.

I don't even know how to change my avatar to something that isn't already a choice
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I'm so glad to hear everything is going well with your gang! I was hoping for more pictures!!!
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Yeah - more pics!!!!!!!! We're having the same issue with Tuxedo... he likes inbetween, but then we can't snuggle!

I'm so glad things are going well. And I love dogs, but what a big lug, LOL!
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