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Smudge's Kittens, 5 weeks pics!

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Smudge's babies on Sunday, which was their 5 week birthday. She was nursing them rather randomly in the middle of the floor and this is their post-nursing heap. Awwww.

This is actually them at 4 weeks and 6 days, on Saturday. I just had to grab a shot since this was the first time I had a lot of kittens chowing down and Edmund in the mixing bowl and unnamed orange creamsicle in the can of max cat kitten (which had a dollop of KMR mix from the spoon I used to transfer half the can to their KMR).

Yeah... and someone was rolling around in my shower tote which is why it is in this pic. whoops. (and no blade on that razor)

The sixth kitten is the other creamsicle kitty and as both of those are the smallest kitties it was nice she was getting some quality nursing time with mom while everyone else ate their big kid food.

I have three named kittens and three unnamed. They got semi-sexed by the vet and vet techs and me on their first day of living (no emergency, basically at the vet for no reason because vet wants a kitten after his twenty year old feline friend passed just before I got Smudge and he used a flimsy excuse to see them, I think but I do not look potential two-fer adoption in the mouth!) And all the red tabbies were thought to be boys but now I think only classic dark red tabby is a boy and the creamsicles and medium red tabby are girls like brown tabby (Junie) and barley there tortie (Fiona).

Oh well, their families will more than likely rename in any case but I feel like I should call them something in the meantime! (And no one renamed any of our kittens from our last litter from pregnant semi-feral!)
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Hi! My name is Nicole and I am from London. I am a cat lover since I was a child and there have always been cats playing around at home, now I have a new kitten and it's soooo sweet, its name is Violet!. A friend of mine told me about a kind of online contest about kitten in a new website and maybe I decide to get in...
By the way, your kittens are gorgeus!!!! How old are they?
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They will be 6 weeks on Sunday. And thank you. Have fun with your new baby!
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Very cute! love Fiona's face in the first pic
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Originally Posted by Melissa4321 View Post
Very cute! love Fiona's face in the first pic
I have never seen a cat with markings like Fiona in my whole life. Her ONE gold spot right between the eyes, she has mottled legs and around her eyes with a few streaks of greyish and goldish on her black body.

I'm sure she will go to someone who appreciates uniqueness!
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I bet she will!! She is a cutie pants.
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Oh they are too cute for words! I want them all!!! *said in a moment of madness induced by the cuteness of those kittens*
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Can I come squeeze them and hug them and snuggle them??? They are so precious!!

Your Fiona looks a LOT like my (ex-foster) Tortuga!! Who, other than being a mirror image of her mommy, is the only one like her I had seen, too! I usually called her a "mainly black tortie", but I like your "barely there tortie" descirption, better!

Enjoy those darlings kids while you can! I know you'll find them great homes.
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OMG!! Look at them all! You just want to pick them up and kiss them to death!
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Thanks for the lovely comments, guys!
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We have a cat in rescue also a mostly black cat, but she is a tortie. She looks like someone did golden "frost and tip" highlights in her fur and she has green eyes. She's a really nice girl.
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