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Fur thinning near eys and ears

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Ok. I think my other cat might have an issue now too. I just noticed that the fur from his eyes to his ears looks very thin. I mean from the right angle you can see right down to his skin it's so thin. It looks kind of like he's scratched it off in that area. I can't take Asher to the vet because he freaks out and won't let anyone near him. I'm talking hissing, spitting, howling, growling, swating, etc. He will not let ANYONE in the vet's office remotely near him when he's there. He is due for a checkup in October and I was thinking of having the vet come to our house. Anyway, do you think this fur issue is anything to worry about? What could be causing it? He is indoor only as is Jack.
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Hmmmm... my black cat has the same problem. I think his has been thin in those areas since he was a kitten though. He is really really black, and around his ears/eyes, you can see the white of his skin. I have never thought anything about it. Now you've got me wondering...
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Asher has always been thinner there too but it just looks unusually thin now. I looked at some pics of him from a while back and it was definitely not this thin. I'm going to ask the vet about it when I go pick up my other kitty this evening.
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that's actually normal. it's so their eyes appear to be open even when they're sleeping.
i have 5 [plus 2 RB babies] & they were all like this.
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I think it's normal too especially noticeable on short haired black cats.
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Completely normal! As a kitty matures, the hair does become thinner.
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My black and white cat is the same way by the ears. I was concerned to because he seemed to itch right there, but was reassured here, someone even showed a picture, that its normal.

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So, male pattern baldness??
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Ironically, that is exactly what the vet said to me when I asked about the thinning hair. He said it was a genetic thing that paralled the same "male pattern baldness" gene that humans have and like men, it becomes more prominent with age. Weird.
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Yes, Bijou is taking after his human daddy and has this "baldness" too.
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Just goes to show that cats are more like humans that some people would like to admit!
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