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Mirrors (With Keifer Sutherland)

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Has anyone seen this? I love horror movies, as many of you know. Usually when a particularly exciting one comes to theaters my boyfriend makes it a “Date Night” for us complete with a nice restaurant.

I am curious to see what others thought of this. Me personally hated it. It was a horrible movie and just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… it did lol. At one point near the end I just burst out laughing, my boyfriend just looked at me like ‘who picked this movie” lol.

I’m curious to know other peoples opinions because I am easily entertained and normally do not actually “hate” movies. Even ones that the majority of movie goers hated can mildly amuse me.

To make up for such a crappy date night movie my man is taking me to go see “tropic Thunder” tonight. Anyone seen this? Now that Bruno is in Doggy daycare we can actually go out during the week. I felt bad keeping him crated all day, then crating him again at nights.
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I haven't seen it and I'm not going to, after reading what you wrote. My husband picks good movies (I think he does a little research first) and I go with my gut and always pick the stinkers!

Hope this next movie is better - let us know!
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