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Wood surface on cat tree poles?

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We've been looking at getting some new cat trees. We currently have one large Armarkat tree that we've had for 2 years, but my kitties have really done a number on it! We will be tightening up all the connections on that one, and replacing some sisal, but we need some additional trees anyway.

I found one at Pet Supplies Plus the other day that I really like. One post is covered in sisal (a requirement around my house), but the rest of the posts are bare wood - pretty rough, unsanded wood. I thought the kitties might enjoy scratching on that, but I'm also worried they will get slivers in their paws! Does anyone have this type of tree that can tell me if this is a concern?
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I made my cat tree and the posts are made of 2"x4" and the majority are left bare and have had no issues, Jack occasionally scratches on them, but again no issues.

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I have scratch posts made out of bare tree branches. I've not had any problems with mine.
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I have a scratcher in my bedroom I made that is bare wood, Eden loves to scratch on it no issues.
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I can tell you from our experience with Molly (DH's family pet--an indoor/outdoor kitty) and the job she did on the deck posts --that kitty paws can withstand a remarkable amount of very scary looking splintery wood.

She practically scratched through one of the rails on the deck...it has now been replaced and covered in sisal.

Outdoor kitties scratch trees (with and without bark) all the time with no problems...
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I have plain wood table legs that my cats have seriously scratched. The cats haven't had any problems I've noticed, although I do have to vacuum up slivers by the table legs.
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None of my cats like wood. I have Lotus towers. The World best scratching post, some carpet ones a few sisal and the wood one goes unused. I give them choices. I also have a few of those cardboard ones. They make some cardboard ones that are really cute with little feet at the bottom.
I have 2 other trees in the cat room that the fosters are having a field day on that are made of sisal with some carpet and wood.
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