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Changing up flavors

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I've been feeding my cats a brand of the Blue Buffalo line for about 6 months now and before they used to gobble it all up, but sometimes now they sniff at it at first, sometimes hesitant to come to the bowl, and usually never finish their meal. (It's almost like watching them say, "Aw shucks, this stuff again??? oh well...") Could they be getting bored eating the same thing twice a day every day?

I bought 3 new flavors of the same brand (3 cans each) to try out on them. My main question is will feeding them different food upset their stomachs? Or does that only pertain to dry food when you gradually switch em over?

Any help would be appreciated.

Chloe & Moo
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I change the flavour Hennessy's eating every couple days or so. However, I'm sure it could upset a kitty with a less than iron stomach (i swear, he'll eat anything if it smells like meat.)
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Using 2 different brands that are similar, I change the food every day and have never had a problem. I think from the same compoany you won't have a problem. Changing from dry to wet as you say for example, may be a different story
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IMHO any dry switch should be gradual .... wet food often can be changed daily with little issue except for the most sensitive tummy s
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My kitties get 21 different canned flavors from six different vendors (Chicken Soup, Solid Gold, Wellness, Natural Balance, Evo, and Instinct); no meal in any seven days is repeated. I have never had any digestive upsets.

Like so much, I think it depends on the cat.
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My crew of 7 get a different flavor and vendor at each meal, also. I do have a sensitive one but this is what he is accustomed to eating all his ten month old life. Canned in all kinds of flavors (except not much fish) are Wellness grain free, PetGuard, Fromms, Sensible Choice, EVO, and Natural Balance. Whew! I occasionally try a new canned just to see how they respond before I rotate it in the mix. The 3 brands of dry I rotate are changed slowly. They eat small amount of dry at night.

I would think it depends of the individual cat as to how well they do. Or, how picky they have become.
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I found this out myself, I guess the wets are just that much more digestible

Originally Posted by sharky View Post
IMHO any dry switch should be gradual .... wet food often can be changed daily with little issue except for the most sensitive tummy s
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If you are feeding wet/canned food - you can change up every day or every other day depending on the size of the can of food.

With dry its tricky cause a sudden change can cause upset stomachs. Maybe mix two flavors together of the same brand.
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I get a variety pack that has 3 different flavors when i go shopping for their food, and aside from the variety pack, i get about 4 other cans of the same brand, but different flavors. I switch the flavors up everyday so they dont get bored eating just beef or chicken flavors constantly. Neither of mine have ever had a problem with switching up their wet food daily.
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For wet? i change the flavors around all the time, however some only eat certain types
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