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Mammary Tumors - Test results or not?

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I hate joining a forum and jumping right in with a serious question, but I really need some opinions from people who think the same way I do - other cat lovers.

I have 3 cats - all persians. My baby girl, Serena, is a shaded silver and is almost 10 years old. Last week I found a lump on her stomach while brushing her and yesterday she had surgery to have it removed.

I talked to the vet this morning when I picked Serena up and I am now left with the decision to have the tumor tested or not. I know the chances of it being malignant are great and I know that I would not put her through chemotherapy if it was. Money isn't the issue here, I just wouldn't put my baby girl through it.

So... do I get it tested knowing that the results won't change how I proceed? I can find lots of information on how cats go through chemo - survival rate, etc, but I can't seem to find anything about those who don't go through the chemo.

Her lung x-ray was clear and my vet is pretty confident that she removed all of the tumor. She said it was nicely localized to one place.

My mind is just going in circles. I don't know what to do... do I want to know? Will I obsess over the results?

The only symptom Serena had was the lump. She isn't acting any different. She's been home for a few hours now and she's doing great.... one of the first things she did was jump into the kitchen sink and want water (she only drinks from the faucet - I joke that she thinks the boys - other cats - contaminate the water dish). I can tell she's in pain, she's laying close to me and just looks like she hurts, but she's eating & drinking normally (she gets pain meds tonight).

Has anyone else been through anything similar? What did you do... how did you proceed... and 100 other questions under the sun.
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I can help you my Stripe got one at age 4. She had the lump and the breast removed. I did opt to send it to UC Davis and it had Cancer Cells in it. They called it borderline Cancer. A month later another tumor came and it was removed. After that she ws fine until she got Crf and I had to have her pts at age 11 because she went in a coma and they said there was no hope. We had good luck once it was removed. I think its better knowing. it was worth the cost to know. I hope your cat will be ok. With Stripe the tumor was pussing. The surgery was done within 2 hours of going to te vet.
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Knowing me I would need to know the results. I can't give any advice but want to extend my best wishes and Prayers.
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I would want to know too.
I too have never experienced that but I would want to know so I could know what to watch for.

I am sorry your Serena is not 100 percent and I hope she gets well soon.
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I hope Serena feels better soon! I agree with the others, I would have to know, even if it didn't change my course of treatment. If you don't find out, you may be thinking every little thing is "the end". At least, I know that's how I would be. But, if you think you can relax and enjoy all the time you have with her, with or without knowing, then that's great! Do what feels right to you!
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I, too, would want to know the results. Even if you do not do chemo & it is cancerous, you at least know what you are up against.
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