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Kittens at the Vet!

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I dropped the babies off for their speuter (spay/neuter) appointment his morning. My belly is all full of butterflies because I am worried and miss them. I can't wait to bring them home, but I do not pick them up until tomorrow morning.

They are getting pre-op bloodwork and a nail trim so I will find out if there is anything obviously wrong with them. If it weren't for TCS, I wouldn't know to get bloodwork done, but I remember Cleo and how her CRF was diagnosed by pre-spay bloodwork at only six months. If one of my babies has a problem that I can help manage, I would like to know now!

I am going to try to get a lot of cleaning done this evening while the kittens are away. They hate the vacuum cleaner, so I feel bad and vacuum quickly. I'm such a softie... Anyway, I'm going to vacuum all the floors and furniture while they are away.

Man, it is going to be lonely without them!

I will update everyone when they get home, and let you all know how they are doing!

Thanks for all the . Feel free to send some more our way.
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The blood work is a great idea. I hope everything goes well.
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My Vet for some reason won't do a spay/neuter without pre-op blood work. I think its a good idea, its just precautionary. Prayers and that everything is fine with your babies.
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Hope all is well with the little ones.
It is sweet that you won't scare them with the vacuum. You really love them and they are lucky to have such a caring Mommy.
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I totally understand your feeling! I'm always a nervous wreck leaving my kitties at the vet's for any reason. I totally trust the clinic, but it's just something about not having them with me that makes me crazy! I know they'll enjoy coming home to a clean home, though.

I always have them do pre-surgery bloodwork. I figure it's easier to get everything done in one fell swoop rather than having to bring them back.
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I just dropped off my little boy Max today for his nueter, too! I'm in the same boat...worried and missing my baby! At least I have Molly and Maggie home to keep me company, though. And Max is supposed to be able to come home tonight if all goes well. I'm sure your babies will be just fine, too. We'll have them back in no time at all!
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Thank you everybody! I appreciate the kind words and the great vibes! I love this forum because it's full of people who love cats as much as I do. I can't wait to have them home!!!

Cocoa Cream - for Max! Let me know how he does!
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I will be posting when my Sphynx I am getting has it done also. I hope everything goes well.
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