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I noticed the other day I have never posted pictures of my Savannah monitor Falkor. He is about a year old, and we got him about 4 months ago. We are still in the process of taming him, and are getting closer. He is moving to a new, larger cage in a little while. If anyone has suggestions about taming a savvy it is appreciated. So, here is his picture!! (sorry about the lump in his throat, he had just eaten.)

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Oh wow!!! I have no idea how to tame him, but he's cool!!!
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Wow, he is so cute!! On a side note now I know where the dragon from “the never ending story†came from LOL. Man, I’m old.

Does he bite? Is that what you mean by taming him?
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He doesn't bite as much anymore, but he hisses and does occasionally bite. (Oh and we thought that naming him after a dragon was a good idea, and we love that movie!!!!)

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What a cool lizard...

As far as taming him, I think you just handle them in spurts, everyday, working with his comfort level; and wear gloves until you are sure he won't nip your fingers off...
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My aunt has a Savannah and she has tried everything to tame him. I tried talking her out of getting him when he was a cute little dude but Oh NO she just had to have him.

She has tried everything. You must handle him every day but it really hasn't worked for her. Her Savannah is 2 years old now. She loves him like crazy but she is scared to death of him too.

My DH is very familiar with lizards and he feels uncomfortable with him as well.
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I have no advice.
But he is a nice looking lizard.
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