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Hi Cat Lovers,

My name is John Carson and I handle all the social media work for GCI Canada, a PR firm in Toronto.

One of our clients is Mars Canada, the producer of Whiskas Temptations. They recently filmed some cat-training videos hosted by trainer Rick Parker that you can see here:

Mars Canada is considering filming a second series of videos, so I am identifying prominent cat bloggers to get their opinion on the format. Please would you take a few minutes to watch one (or all) of the videos and let me know (1) what you think worked, (2) what didn’t and (3) any other suggestions on what you’d like to see included. If you could post a link to the video on your blog for other cat lovers to see, then that would be appreciated, as the more opinions we get the better.

Mars Canada wants to reach the people the videos are aimed at to ensure good quality information, and using social media as a new way of doing that.

Many thanks,


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