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I am so happy!! Bruno update!

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Sorry guys, I know I have been writing more about Bruno then my kitties lately. Its just my dog has so many issues and my cats are so purrrfect.

So, today was the first day of Bruno’s Doggy Day care. I was so scared. I brought him in and he urinated all the way from the door, to the front desk. I was on the verge of taking him home but thought I would give it a chance. The lady came out to greet us and he urinated again (I have no clue how my little 40 lb dog can hold so much peepee LOL). Another lady came out and they just talked sweetly to him, and gave him a crap load of treats but he was so scared, I felt my eyes tearing up because I felt so bad for him. It looked like he was trying to climb into the floor.

I let them take my poor precious little baby determined to at least give this a try and told them if he’s like that for more then 30min to call me and I work only 10min away and will pick him up immediately.

They told me they were going to introduce him to his playgroup (each dog size, age, personality type dogs get group with dogs that are the same) and to stay a bit and they would update me. I chatted with the receptionist for about 10 min and they radioed in and said he was doing great and I could drive back (they didn’t want me to walk so he saw me and got stressed) and check out their out door play area for his play group.

Oh my gosh!! When I saw him I got more tears to my eyes. He was running around, head high, tail wagging, walking up to the play group lady who watches them, wagging at her, running around in circles with the other dogs… I don’t think I have ever seen him so happy and confidant looking in my life!!

I just got a follow up call and they said he is doing great. He now has a girlfriend LOL a black lab and they are tearing around outside and kissing each other, pawing at each other, then they will just take off and chase each other. He also has a new Shelty friend that he was playing ball with. She said he’s so happy, his head is high, his tongue is out of my mouth and hes just so happy.

I’m so happy I put this into the budget… I didn’t know if it was worth it since we had to sacrifice some things but now I know it totally is… We are now on the road to a new happy, secure dog. This coming from a dog who ran and hid from a tape measure yesterday!

Lol sorry so long with the post again… but this is great!
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oh Bruno!!! that is so fabulous!!! I'm so happy he is having a great time and making friends!!
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Yeah Bruno!! You have a great time at daycare I bet he will be exhausted when you get him home.
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That's great! Congrats Bruno!!! Now you need to teach your doggie mom to relax a little! Just kidding, that's awesome that he has done well in daycare!
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Awwww that's a great story!! I bet the other doggies must have been telling Bruno how gorgeous he is, such that his ego boosted 300% within 3 minutes
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