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Question of the Day - August 19th!

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What is a movie that reminds you of your life, and why?

I'll come back later to give my answer, got some things to get done right now!
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Hmmm good question!!

I guess it would depend because I can think of several. Right now I would have to say GroundHog Day...because..

At this time everymorning I am pretty much doing the exact same thing.
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...Oh my God!... with bill murray isnĀ“t my friend?... I remember that movie!....was great and funnie!....

let me see,....
To be honest, Cast Away... you know why!...........right Wilson?........
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Phew, I don't know... My life is rather boring and mild... Always has been. So my life is probably like some boring romance movie (I did end up finding a honey to love and cherish forever. ) that no body remembers the name to and has no plot!

Or some fluffy kiddy happily ever after movie that had no drama in the first place!
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Oh gosh....I don't know that have a movie that's a lot like my life..... hmmm
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The Money Pit right now.
We just bought a House and its a Money Pit.
We get one thing done theres another problem.
It will be fine later on.
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Sex & The City (the movie). I can really relate to some of the ups and downs of the characters. Same with the series- there's been sooo many times that i've watched it and i felt like i was living or had previously gone through what they were going through
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I can't think of any movie that could possibly be more boring than my life! Choose any box office would suffice...
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Twenty years ago, my life was like "After Hours," Martin Scorsese's 1985 movie (which was filmed entirely at night). My nickname was Miss Adventure for many reasons; my life was like this film!

Now my life is kind of like Seinfeld episodes, with interesting people, everyday stuff, and lots of funny bits.
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I agree with the Seinfeld episodes for me too
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