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Daily Thread Tues Aug 19th!

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Morning folks!

Finally a warm day with no rain expected today Going for a walk with my coworkers after work today. We have to get a lot of good walkin in before I leave next week. They are having a going away party for me too How sweet eh?

Not much else...just packing

Have a great day!
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It seems like its going to be a nice day today. Not too hot, but not cool like somedays have been.

I have to work 8:45-1 at one job today (it was supposed to be 3 but they changed it) and 3:30-9:30 at my other job. Somehow I managed to get tomorrow off from both jobs so that will be my resting day.
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After a hot day yesterday its going to be about 10 degrees or so cooler!!

I was going on Thursday to my parents to be with mom for her Dr. appt but she has to hae another ultrasound and biopsy so that is postponed a week.

Working at a couple of places today though as they are close by each other-not much to do this time of year.

Picked some corn for dinner tonite-more raccoons in garden but I got some before they did!! Picked a bunch of tomatoes too for canning later today.

Bakker is sleeping and the girls are lounging outside enjoying the cooler temps outside.

Have a good day!!
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Morning All!!!

Shaping up to being a gorgeous day here as well.

Heading off to work shortly but hope to finish up around 3. Have a few errands to run afterwards..I am off tomorrow so want to get all my running around done so I can just putter around the house tomorrow.

Have to look for a birthday present for my youngest niece, plus a couple of baby shower gifts.

Kitties are good, I got them a new toy called a kitty castle which they are playing in right now..

Everyone have a Great day
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Good morning!

Not much going on for me today... Hubby is sick. I've been fighting off a cold for a few days, so I think he caught it from me. I'm still not feeling well myself.

Normal-busy day at work, then I have a showing at 5, which sucks because that means I, again, will work many hours over time for no pay, recognition, or appreciation... Which is part and parcel to this job, but today I have kitties I want to get home to! Oh well...

Weather here is crummy. Yesterday we didn't see blue sky until 2, and didn't see 75 until about the same time, then it got cold again quickly! I expect today will be much the same.

Was thinking after the showing I'd get ready for Japan- got to buy some omiyage (gifts / souveniers), get some wedding favors ready, and get my wedding dress dry cleaned and ready to haul over with me. Except, I have that stupid showing so will be pretty late anyway, and would much rather get home to the kits, so may put that off until tomorrow...

Evie is good today, as are the Meow Men. They sleep so much more than the X-Pack. And here I was worried about the X-Pack because they're so small, but they ate more, played more, and over all seemed much healthier, even at half the size and weight! Go figure. Evie was pretty laid back this morning. Not much cuddling or playing. But she has her daddy in bed to cuddle with all day, so she will be a happy girl!!

Have a good day, all!
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Evening Everyone!

I didn't get to bed until almost 5am (just felt sick all night long). So needless to say, i've been just kind of dragging all day.

I woke up around 11 and did some chores around the house.After that dh and i had some lunch and watched a little tv, then one of his coworkers came over to the house for a bit. When his coworker left, i worked on my fish tank some more (just got some new additions yesterday!)

Tonight I watched my sister's kids for a few hours while she had a meeting and her dh and mine went to a movie. The kids and I watched a movie and baked homemade sugar cookies. We had a good time.

Right now i feel like i'm about to fall asleep on the couch i'm so tired lol....so i plan to be going to bed very soon!
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