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What to do???? (long)

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Our family has 2 cockatiels, Koda and Kodi, and 2 cats, Ripley and Cali. Kodi belongs to me. Koda belongs to my sister, Amber (TheZooKeeper). Ripley belongs to my brother, Jason. My sister and I share Cali.

Not right now, but someday we are going to have to decide who takes the "critters" when the 3 of us get married and start moving away from the family (Dont worry we will take them. We are NOT, nor WILL NOT take them to a shelter or any place like that). We want to, at lest have a tenitive plan on what to do BEFORE the situation arrives, that way we wont have to make a quick decision when the time comes.Unfortnatly, my sister and I are having a hard time deciding what to do.

First of all, although Kodi and Koda belong to my sister and I, they would both (especially Koda) would be heart broken to leave their "Uncle Jason". They LOVE our brother (they usually want him more than they want us) Unfortunatly, Jason isnt interested in taking them. So...that leaves Amber and I to take them. But, since they have been together for 4 years, we dont want to separate them.

Second, we dont want to separate Ripley and Cali either. They are best friends and would also be heart broken with out eachother. My brother Jason is interested in taking Ripley, but not Cali. So once again it is Amber and I to take them (which is fine). The problem is, Ripley is Ambers buddy, but Cali is my "Baby".

We want to make the decision that is BEST for our "Critters". We want them to be happy and content. Any advice and/or suggestions would really be appreciated.
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I'm not sure what advice I have to give. I've never had to seperate pets before. Although, my SO and I joke about which cat goes to who....we are fighting over Leya Hopefully we will never have to make that decision!!!

Maybe post this in the cats and other animals?
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I guess when the time comes, you will be able to better decide; I think factors like:

Where you're living and
Does the facility accept pets
How much time you will have to devote the animals

Things like that need to be considered, and who ever is going to have the best fit for which of the animals, should take them.
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that sounds like some good advice!
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I have three cats and three birds, so I kind of know your situation. I would say that when the time comes, it would be unfair to the animals to separate them. It can be hard on a pet to move to a new home anyway. If you add the stress of suddenly being separated from their furry (or feathered!) companion, it would be even more difficult and they would grieve the loss of the other pet. Perhaps when the time comes, one of you could take both birds, one could take both cats, and one of you could adopt a new pet needing a home from a shelter.

Good luck!
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