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All Black cats

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What is their breed name? I would love more than anything to have one but hubby says no more..2 is enough..to me, it is just the beginning,..In the near futue I plan on having at least 9 or 10..
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I love black cats. You can get a Persian black cat. All of mine were DSH and DLH. I like the longer nose, but there are doll faced Persians with longer noses. Here's a link to black Persian and other Persian kitten pictures. http://www.thecatsite.com/postcards/postcards2.html You can send these postcards too!
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There is a breed of cat called the Bombay. They are jet black and really shiny. They are sweet and docile cats. Here's a picture of a Bombay!

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ohh how beautiful!! They look soo elegant! I will hopefully in the future get one for myself...
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I Bombay kitties! Black cats and Tuxedos are my faves!
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I always wanted an all black cat, since I was a little girl. My mother didn't want to get one for whatever reason, superstition most likely. I moved out of her house into my own apartment and within 2 weeks had adopted Midnight, an all black cat who was 6 months old at the time, from the local SPCA. He will be 11 next month.

Our most recent addition to the Pride is Romeo, an all-black domestic medium hair, also from the SPCA. It's funny looking at the 2 black cats together and seeing how alike and how different they look at the same time.
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