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I love my vet!

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I knew Adam needed boosters for his shots, but I thought he was due by the end of next week. I called today to make the appt, and was told that no, he needs one by the end of THIS week. Well, since Adam's vet care wasn't exactly in my budget for this month, I explained that I won't be able to bring him in until I get paid again next week. They called me back, and offered to do the shot this Friday, and let me pay for it next week! I was surprised but grateful. I guess they know I'll definitely be coming back, though!
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How wonderful of them to do that for you!

I had a similar experience with my chiropractor last week. I had a credit remaining on my account from 4 years ago. Last week I used up the last of it and told the receptionist that that visit would be the last until the end of the month when I get paid. She told me not to worry about it and to just pay for the treatments at the end of the month. Which I was grateful for because my shoulder and neck are in bad shape right now.

It's wonderful when you find a place that requires cash up front but will work with you to make something possible when there is a budget involved.

If you can, take them a pan of some baked goods when you go in appreciation. That's what I did for my vet when they had allowed me to pay for Chynna's 2 visits over 3 months. I figure by taking them baking, not only do I thank them, but it also puts me in a position where they are likely to allow me to defer payments again in the future if need be.
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What a great idea! I think I will bring them a treat. Thanks!
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Thats great my old Vet billed me in the mail for a blood panel and he didnt even charge me for everything. i didnt have to pay for Cocos lst ultrasound for Coco at the vet I go to now. She also told me just to make Tech appointments for shots so I do not have to pay for a vet visit.
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