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What about the film Bedknobs and Broomsticks? That film is still enjoyable

Anyways, here is my list (be warned, it's a long one!)

Lion King...Finding Nemo...Bambi...Pocahontas...Toy Story 1 & 2...Alice in Wonderland...Fox and Hound...101 Dalmatians...The Aristocats...Dumbo...Snow White and the Seven Dwarves...Cars...Ratatouille...Monsters Inc...Beauty and the Beast...Cinderella...Sleeping Beauty...Peter Pan...

To name but a few! And there is still more, but I won't carry on!
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I think Walle is my new favorite Disney movie. When I was a kid I used to always watch The Lion King, Rescuers Down Under, The Sword and The Stone (Love this one), Dumbo, I watched The Great Mouse Detective a lot too for some reason but I don't really remember the plot now haha. The Little Mermaid was another big one. Actually my all time favorite is Spirited Away. I forgot that was a Disney movie, it's also anime and I highly, highly recommend you watch it, even though its like 3 hours long, it's really good. I think Princess Mononoke might be a Disney movie as well and that's a good one. Nausicaa valley of the wind is a good one as well, but again i'm not sure if it was released under Disney. Can't you tell I love anime? haha
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Older film is The Little Mermaid-I don't even have to think about it....

Newer film has got to be Cars! LOVE IT!

I can't believe how amazing the graphics are in the newer films!
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I can't just pick one either.

The Fox & The Hound - I just adore the friendship between Copper & Todd! Love really has no boundries.

Homeward Bound 1 & 2 - I just adore Chance, Shadow, and Sassy. also how Chance & Sassy bicker - hehe!

The Lion King - it's really cute.

Beauty & The Beast - because it's a classic.

101 Dalmatians (the cartoon and the real life one)

The Jungle Book - it's just so cute. I love Baloo the bear.

Peter Pan - I would just love to go to Never Land and never grow up.

Bambi - Bambi and Thumper's friendship!

Snow White - it's also a classic.

Cinderella - it's cute.

The Little Mermaid - I love Flounder & Sebastian.

The Aristocats - its cute.

Oliver & Company - it's cute too

Aladdin - I love Rajah and Abu!

Mulan - I love the little dragon, Mushu (isn't that his name?)

The Tigger Movie - it's adorable.

I am such a kid at heart.
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Lion King, Aristocats, and Monsters, Inc.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Not really a big fan of Disney movies myself, but I'm very surprised to see that people are only listing the animated movies. Surely someone would say one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? (considering how much I hear/see people go on about them )
I'm one of those that is not a fan of "so and so" movies. Not actors or producers or anything. Simply because I like to judge a movie on that movie, not who's in it or who produced it. That's why I didn't answer this thread, because I couldn't even think of Disney movies other than the cartoons! I was going to say "All Dogs go to Heaven", but then I looked it up and it's not Disney!

But, after reading your post, I think I'll have to say of all the movies I think of as "Disney", Pirates is my favorite! (I never made the connection before, so thanks for pointing it out!)
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Originally Posted by BelongsToEvie View Post
But, after reading your post, I think I'll have to say of all the movies I think of as "Disney", Pirates is my favorite! (I never made the connection before, so thanks for pointing it out!)
I don't think most people pay attention. The only reason people can remember the animated movies as being Disney is because they've been doing animated movies for so long (you remember them from childhood and such).

I currently work in a movie rental store, so I pay a bit more attention to who makes the movies and their ratings. If someone comes in wanting a family movie for example, I can direct them to the Disney movies and have it be a fairly safe option. Currently one of the most recent Disney movies out to dvd is College Road Trip, last night I suggested it as a safe movie to a woman that works at the local youth center.
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I have to say I love all Disney Movies. Although Whenever I hear the song " A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" (from Cinderella) I really get goosebumps."

Speaking of Disney, I love Bianca Ryan (from Americas Got talent) singing the Disney songs. I get chills when I hear her sing this lol (and I wasn't a big fan of her before) Makes you wanna go to Disney World!

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My all time favorite has to be Beauty and the Beast.
Me, too, and I cry at the end every single time!
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
Another thread got me thinking about this, and I love almost every movie Disney has put out. The animation is awesome, even in the older ones, and they take so much time to build the characters and the story.

My all time favorite has to be Beauty and the Beast. Besides the fact that the computer animation, for it's time (good lord, has it really been almost 20 years since it came out?), the story is just beautiful and gives a role model for young women saying that looks aren't everything, it is what is within that counts. Also, it inforces that women can be smart and independant and that is ok.

So, what is your favorite, and why?
Beauty and the Beast is mine, too, because the brown-eyed, intelligent young woman gets the prince and the castle in the end. My favorite lines are: "Why Gaston, you are positively primeval," to which he replies, "Why, thank you Belle." A close second goes to Alladin and The Little Maid. Besides the animation and the stories, there was the wonderful lyrics and score by Howard Ashman and Alan Mencken. The world lost a great lyricist when Ashman died of Aids.

BTW, Disney is no longer releasing "The Song of the South" because it is most definitely not PC.
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ooooooh! i forgot my all-time Disney fave - FANTASIA!
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Pirates of the Caribbean
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I haven't seen a lot of the ones mentioned so I can only name a few...

Homeward Bound
The Lion King

I just recorded Finding Nemo for my granddaughter so she'll have something to watch the next time they come to visit. I reckon I'd better go watch it!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
ooooooh! i forgot my all-time Disney fave - FANTASIA!
how can I could to forget too!......ABSOLUTELY cool!......
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