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A house call!!!!

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Yesterday I had a new Vet come in the house , and check my two babies. They were so good! She gave them their anual shots and everything, and all of this right there in my living room!!!

One of them was a bit stressed, but he was a lot more calm when I take them to the vet!!!!

This was awesome... I can't believe I didn't do this before!

And this vet was amazing, she absolutely loves cats, and you can feel it. She asked me to call her when they calm down completely, because she wanted to know they were okay... She Rocks!

Did you ever have a vet come and make a house call??
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I want a vet that will come to my house!! that would be great!
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GEES! No kidding! I don't think they do that around here unless it is like a cattle, horses, etc.

Ashley is as big as a PIG! Does that count??
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Wow! I wish we could get a Vet to make house calls. Max gets very stressed when he has to go to the Vets. I think it is more the ride in the car than seeing the Vet. Max and I like the Vet I take him to because he obviously loves kitties too. He talks to Max and tells him how beautiful he is and teases me about wanting to take Max home to be his kitty. Max is very mellow and allows the Vet to do what he needs to without trying to bite or scratch.

Max's Mommy

P.S. Didn't mean to brag about Max, but I can't help myself.
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My vet makes farm calls for my horses and while he is here, he is always kind enough to look at my cats (if they need it) There is a small animal vet that is mobile, but to be honest with you- her service is less than satisfactory and the one time I have used her, I found myself having to sit through her gripes of not being able to find work at a regular clinic, and who was sleeping with who in vet clinics across the area! Pretty bizarre and pretty unprofessional. It was also clear to me, that she didn't really know all that much about cats, or horses either. I have never used her since. Her specialty is dogs.
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Hmmm- I don't think I would want the Vet to make a house call unless there was no other way. Reason, in case of a bad experience I would not want Loki to equate it to the one place he feels safe and in charge - his home.
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May I ask if it costs more than a vist to the vet? Sounds pretty neat to me
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We have a couple of mobile vets, here. At least one of them has an RV, fully equipped for most stuff. For surgeries, though, they take pets back to the clinic.
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Hmmm- I don't think I would want the Vet to make a house call unless there was no other way. Reason, in case of a bad experience I would not want Loki to equate it to the one place he feels safe and in charge - his home.
I thought a lot about this specific issue, and I was pretty nervouse about my cats feeling traumetized in their own home. But after seeing the bad shape they were in for a few days after coming back from the vet, I finally came to the conclusion that its better at home.

Pepe was indeed pretty shooken up for a day, but now they are both doing great - and I'm glad I did this...

This Vet is a real Cat Person, and does not take extra money for her house call, since she thinks its for the benefit of the cats - and everyone should afford it... she's a saint
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There is a mobile vet here too. He works out of a clinic and was a total sweetheart when Tigger caught the upper respiratory disease from Roo when we first got him. She was in totaly agony and refused to eat or drink. This guy was great and didn't even charge us for his second visit! We now use that vet clinic as our home clinic, even though they approve of de-clawing I know, I know, we were shocked too. But we would never allow that to happen to our cats. They said they only do it as a last resort. I almost got in a heated arguement with the receptionist/vet aide but restrained myself for the sake of the purpose of being there. To see the vet - not the helper.
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I wish I had a vet. that came to the house!
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As soon as I let Loki out of the carrier after coming back from the VET - he is just the happiest camper and glad to be back home.

So, based on both of our experiences the decision whether to use a Vet that does house calls or going to the VET really depends on the reaction of the individual feline.

I don't think this is the way to go for Loki. But, I must agree that it is definately better for your babies!! Glad you found a way the aliviate the stress for them!
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Hellen, I totally agree!!!

With the many cats I have had during the years, I can say that each one was completely different .

I am happy for your Kitty that he takes it so well... , It means he feels very much secure at home!!!
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