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Litter Box Training! Agh!

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So the Meow Men are supposedly litter box trained. But how often are two month olds really perfect??

I got pretty lucky with the X-Pack. Though they liked to poop in corners- even the corners created between the outside edge of the litter box and the wall- they usually peed in the proper place. I'm begining to realize these guys are just the opposite!

I'm sure you all have delt with this before. But, I kid you not, I just experienced a scene out of a movie! Lovelock decided to pee in a not-litter-box possessed corner. In fact, it's not a real corner at all, but right in the middle of a wall. I caught him, picked him up, and carried him to a litter box. I should have carried him to a different one, but I panicked!

So I carried this kitten from the wall, to their cage, over their food and bedding, to the litter box, while he PEED THE ENTIRE TIME!! I think he missed their food and water, but he must've got on the bedding (he wasn't peeing a lot, so I can't really tell).

Time to break out the Nature's Miracle and four new litter boxes!

I think, with these guys, before it's all said and done, I will end up with a solid floor of litter boxes... Actually Lovelock doesn't seem to mind climbing up on surfaces to pee, so I may end up with just one solid litterbox for the room!!

Any one have any experience with kittens that just squat and pee? I've read a lot, and it sounds like a phase of litter box training they go through, but if you have some well-kept secret trick or wives' tail or anything, I'm game!
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yup, that's what Firefox did. she'd poop in the box, but pee on the floor.
stopped when i got the KittenAttract!
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How big are the litter boxes? For now they need to be kitten sized so they can get in and out of them easily.

When they do poop, leave it in the litter box so the smell attracts them.

What type of litter are you using? Nature's Miracle also makes wonderful litter, has minimal dust, and is flushable. I only change out my boxes completely once a month. Of course though, I scoop each day

Line the areas where they have been going with aluminum foil, that helps to deter them

Make sure for the urine that you let the NM's soak through all the way down to the under padding of the carpet so it can completely get rid of the smell.

Just keep being patient, they are still quite young, and so still don't have full control of their body functions, but it shouldn't be too much longer before they become fully trained

The cat attract is a wonderful idea!
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