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Lily's lost 11oz in the last year

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February 2007 (9 months old) - 8lb on home scales
August 2007 (1 year 3 months old) - 8lb 11oz at vets scales
August 2008 (2 years 3 months old) - 8lb at vets scales

The kitties have been eating the same food for a long time, but I don't know how much she eats since they all share a bowl.

She's always been long and lean - I can feel her spine fairly easily when I pat her, and looking from above, she has a really skinny waist.

The vet said it could be a difference in scales (I changed vets since last year), or she may have just used the litter tray before she came this time, but not last time.

She seems healthy otherwise, but I know weight loss can be the first sign of many things, and I don't know if I'm quite comfortable with just assuming it's probably nothing. I don't think it's stress - we have had foster kittens, but she's actually been more affectionate with us the last couple of months.

Is there anything else in particular I should watch out for in case it is something to worry about?
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If she's eating well, if her bloodwork is good, if the Vet says she's fine..then just watch for any change of behaviour such as hiding, lethargy, lower appetite......there's no use worrying over something that may not be wrong.
She's still young and is probably very active and busy. Perhaps give her a touch more food every meal....and keep weighing her at home every few weeks or so.

Basically, watch her appetite and weight. If she continues to eat and continues to lose weight...then get in to the Vet and start checking things out.

Keep a record of her weight (and date) at every weighing, and try to weigh her at about the same time, and at about the same activity (like..always after her dinner, or always before her dinner)....try to keep the conditions constant.

Good Luck!
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The problem is that it's really hard to check her weight. She's a very shy cat, and gets freaked out when I pick her up. So to pick her up near our scales, and try to get her to stand in one spot without running away until her weight registers isn't particularly easy!

I will try to do it at least monthly I guess. At least with my scales, I know it's the same each time.
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I weigh my cats by holding them. just subtract your weight from the total. It's close to what they weigh on the vet scale.
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Is it possible to feed her on the scales....just lay the food on the scale and hopefully she'll climb on and eat? It might take some perseverence and patience. Does she like treats...try that. Make getting on the scales a happy event.

Can you put the scales on the floor..so you don't have to pick her up to weigh her, just try to get her to walk on them. I'm not sure what kind of scales you have.

I have a baby scale...my cat just cuddles right in and has a nap!! With my kittens...I play with them..with their string toy....it takes a few minutes, but they calm down at one point...to chew on it.....never knowing the 'real' reason for the playtime....

It is important that you get a fairly accurate weight...you don't want to have to guess if she gained or lost 2 ounces....it could be critical.

In a pinch, and if you could.....wrap her up in a tight mummy outfit...large towel or small sheet. She won't like it...but you do want to know if she continues to lose weight...and the 'mummification' won't hurt her...you know that..she won't....you have to be tough sometimes. Then you can give her lots of hugs and kisses afterwards.

Hope that helps.
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Hey, that's a great idea. She loves treats! I can just take the scales to the kitchen, and put the treats on the scales.
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