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Inflammation makes sense. I hope the vet showed you how to add pressure so that you can make him go at home. It is good he drinks water so he can flush the bacteria out.
I am glad he is going to be okay. You love him very much and he is lucky to have you.

Healing vibes for Oscar.
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Even just a few days later Oscar is doing very well... he doesnt seem to be in any pain at all anymore.. unfortunatley he is peeing everywhere, but that is a result of the valume... according to the vet, he can only pee when he is relaxed.. and well he's relaxed the most when he is laying down... so we've started putting towels everywhere because he can't control it yet... even just this morning I woke up to the foot of my bed being covered in pee... that was kind of gross, but to be expected I guess
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Sign of true love - when peeing in the wrong place is gladly welcomed if it's a sign of returning health!

If he does have litter box aversion issues as he gets better (may have, since he might associate the box with pain), I wonder if you might try to get some new boxes, in slightly different places, and maybe try Cat Attract litter. I have a boy who didn't always use the box - I swear Cat Attract worked like a charm. It's got herbs or something in it that are very 'attractive' to cats.

Here's hoping for a continued and quick recovery.
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I'm so glad to hear Oscar's doing better!

I second the opinion on Cat Attract. It's the only litter we use because it's the only thing that keeps Forest in the box.
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I will keep you and Oscar in my prayers!

I know the feeling, my cat just went through this, but his was so severe that he HAD to have the surgery, he is currently healing.
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