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Is My Cat Going to Die?

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On August 9th my wife woke up and my cat was acting really strange. He was crying and dragging himself across the floor on his side. I called the vet right away and we brought him in. His bladder was as hard as a rock, and the vet said he had some type of blockage going on. So we admitted him and the vet gave him a catheter. We picked him up on the Monday and the doctor gave us some pills to give him Clavamox 62.5mg and put him on c/d cat food.

We got him home, and he really didn't seem to be much different.. was still meowing, and now he was hiding under our bed all day (which he doesnt do)

Tuesday morning I woke up, and checked his litterbox, still no pee, and he was still meowing and hiding. So I called the vet again and brought him in right away. the vet kept him over night (gave him another catheter ) and the next day told us he was doing well so we brought him home assuming everything was good.

We got him home and he still wasnt himself, but we said "maybe we just need to wait" thinking the pills just hadnt kicked in yet.

Remember through all of this Oscar still hasnt had a "good" pee, just little dribbles.

Friday I couldnt bear to see him in pain anymore, so I called the vet again... he sent me to his partner because he was booked up.. I took him to the other vet and as soon as I got him there, Oscar peed the most pee I've seen him pee in 2 weeks, I was very happy to see this, as was the vet. She then took him to the back room to try to squeeze more pee out of him to give him some relief, she did, and he seemed so happy. She gave me more pills Diazepam 5mg and Phenoxybenzamine 5mg. I got oscar home and he was a new cat. He was running around, playing, boxing with me, all normal behaviors for Oscar. Saturday the vet wanted me to bring him in again for a follow-up. She was very happy with him.

It's now Monday, and Oscar is terrible. He's hiding again, still can't pee, is meowing and now he's throwing up as well, liquid mostly.

My wife and I love our cat very much, he got us through 4 terrible miscarriages and it would really suck to see him die. I'm tired of bringing him to the vet as it seems as though they are just providing temporary relief (a few hours) I need to know if there is something else I can do? We've spent $800 on the cat in the past 2 weeks, and although we love him very much, I'm a youth pastor who doesnt make enough money to keep dropping this kind of money on a cat.

Am I just being impatient?? maybe the drugs arent kicking in yet? In the past day or so, I've come to grips with the fact that my cat could die (I'm jumping to the worst case scenario) I need to know if he is going to, or if there is something else I can do???

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Inability to pee is life threatening and if his bladder burst, besides being horribly painful would likely kill him. The two main causes of inability to pee are bladder infections or crystals/stones in the urine. He sounds like he's being treated for infected based on the antibiotics. Were crystals ruled out?

If yes, then it may need more time, but his condition sounds serious. The cd food is more geared towards crystals so it isn't clear to me what exactly he's been diagnosed with. If he has crystal formation he should be on an all wet and no seafood diet and you may want to further acidify his urine (too alkaline leads to crystals) by adding a pinch of Vit C powder to his food. If he has stones (less likely) then you would want his urine more alkaline.
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they said he didnt have crystals, but yet they put him on c/d
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I am so sorry about your cat. He sure is a beauty! I hope he will get better. It sounds like he really does need to get back to the vet, though. Poor little thing!
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Originally Posted by chrisburke View Post
they said he didnt have crystals, but yet they put him on c/d
What sort of prognosis and timeframe did they give you to see some results- have they mentioned there is a surgery they can do on male cats who suffer recurring blockages (if that's what your boy is going through)? It's not the first thing you do, but it is often very successful.

Good wishes for you and your family to get good results soon!
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My cat was acting that way, it was because he was partially blocked because of sludge from struvite crystals, he also had bacteria that can cause problems. They cleaned him out but he kept blocking up again. They had to do surgery on him and remove the male organ and made an opening like a female. After that he has been fine. They didn't offer you any other explanation as to what they think it is?
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I was just thinking that another thing you might try is get a kitty fountain, if you don't have one already. They're a little pricy, but for me worth it - my two are definitely drinking more water from their Drinkwell than their old water bowls, even though I was forever changing the water in the bowls.
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they really havent given us any kind of prognosis, they said they want to try the pills and see how they do... as the the surgery.. I've heard of it, and if I recall one of the things I heard is that it runs around $2000 which I just cant afford to spend... he doesnt seem to have any issues drinking.. he drinks lots... its getting rid of the water that he's drank that seems to be the issue.
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I would sit down with the vet, go through the whole story the way you've told it here, step by step, and tell him upfront about your financial limits. He may be able to approach the problem from a different direction, or something.
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Yes, the surgery does run about that. Maybe it is bacterial and the medicine does need a chance to work. Have you called the 2nd Vet that you went to and asked if this is to be expected before the medicine kicks in?
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He needs to see te Vet again. I lost Frisky to a blockage when he was only 1. The Meds should have helped by now. Is there any way you can get Care Credit? The throwing up might be the Clavamox. Coco did that and we had to change the Meds.
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A lot of times the vets will work with you, financially, especially if you've been a steady client (by that, I mean even if you just came in once a year for well-kitty check-up). It can't really hurt to ask. Here's hoping that your guy is already experiencing some relief....he's really handsome, and I know that it hurts even to consider budgets when it comes to health care...but it's a real consideration.
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well i just picked Oscar up, and his penis is bleeding... so we're off to the vet
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That poor Cat. I hope he will be ok.
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Prayers and for Oscar, please let us know how he is doing. Good luck
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ok so I had a scare today.. I picked him up he had blood all over his face (from licking himself) and blood dripping out. I took him to the vet right away... doctor looked at him, checked his bladder.

Oscar is doing very well according to the vet. He has no blockage at all, I watched him drain Oscar and he peed a lot, and very easily with that bit of pressure from the Vet.

So then i started asking the questions. Oscar has no blockage, he just has inflammation. Basically he is gun shy... it hurts him to pee, so he doesnt want to do it. The vet up'd his valume to 2 a day and said that with in 10 days or so the antibiotic the inflammation should go down and he'll be feeling much better.

Well it appears as though my power is about to go out (2 months straight with thunder storms) so I'll post this update before that happens.
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I'm so happy for Oscar. Prayers for a speedy recovery
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Poor Oscar! I really hope he starts feeling better soon. If not, I might want a second opinion from a different vet clinic....
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Poor Oscar! I really hope he starts feeling better soon. If not, I might want a second opinion from a different vet clinic....
well they are telling me 10 days or so.. a friend of mine use to be a vet assistant, and she assured me that the vets at the clinic I am going to are the best in the city, which is good to hear.
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I'm glad the prognosis is good, and that you're getting good care. You obviously love the boy, and that counts for a lot.
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Poor Oscar! He sure is lucky to have you! I hope he will get better very fast!
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Oscar is a handsome cat! Maybe the vet can refer you to a specialist to get an ultra-sound for his bladder.
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sending 'healing' & for the handsome Oscar, & for you & your wife...
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eeek i'm glad to hear the poor boy is getting slowly better He's lucky to have such good parents
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I'm going thru a similar issue with my Muddy. When his pain first started, he wasn't blocked but had an inflamation in his bladder. No infection, no crystals, no stones, just an inflamation. We had x-rays, ultrasound, blood work and urinalysis done on him with no explanation. It took a biopsy of his bladder to diagnose him. He has idiopathic cystitus. Idiopathic means "of unknown origin". The issue with idiopathic diseases, and a number of bladder issues are idiopathic in nature, is that if you don't know what causes them, your treatments become hit or miss.

Antibiotics will serve as a temporary anti-inflamatory for his bladder but chances are, if what he has is chronic, it will come back in about 2-4 weeks. If you don't get an exact diagnose of what is going on with your cat, then the vet will not really know how to treat it. And if it turns out to be idiopathic, then you need to educate yourself on the right nutrician and medications you can give to him.

Right now Muddy has been switched to all wet food, low grain and no fish flavors. I have 3 water fountains to encourage him to drink a lot of fluids. Because his urine acidity is high, he's on medication to lower the PH. The cost to diagnose him was high but the ongoing care isn't that costly. I also joined a Yahoo group that deals with urinary type problems that has been a help. Send me a private message if you want the name of that group.
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I was so frightened for you guys when I read he was bleeding, and now I'm so thrilled to hear he's going to be okay!!!!!! that he feels better quickly and permanently!
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I'm happy to hear that things are looking up for Oscar. More for a speedy recovery.
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I just had a cat who had bladder stones, and it was so scary. The little guys can't really tell us what's wrong.

I hope the medication works, and he gets all better fast.
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I have a Cat with the same problem. The Ultrasound shows a thick bladder. I hope your Cat feels better. My Cat also had strovite stones 2 years ago. I hope you do not have to start dealing with a cat with bladder problems.
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adding more for oscar's continued good progress.
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