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cat doesn't like friend

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My daughter's friend has 3 cats of his own and our 6 year old neutered male hisses and "moans" when he sees this friend. The friend has been gentle, tries to pet the cat, and has done nothing to scare or tease the cat. What can we do? I'm assuming it's because the friend has his own cats and our cat just smells them. I'm afraid our cat might get aggressive toward this kid. Any suggestions?
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I don't know really why he would act that way but I am sure someone here will have some good suggestions for you...
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Most likely that the cats can smell the other cats on him and feel like he's "invading" their terrority.OR they just don't like him period.. I don't have any suggestions- just watch them and make sure they don't attack him!

My cats are normal/friendly most of the time but several times one friend who has six cats of her own would come and visit and Spike would hiss at her. Another friend with a son named Matt came to visit recently (they have a cat of their own)and Spike started terrorizing Matt- would hiss at him, stalk him around while Matt would back away (Matt's afraid of claws and hissing/growling). I had to clap my hands, call Spike and finally pick him up and hold him before he'd calm down.

Who knows what these cats are thinking!?
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Myst is still missing , however, he is a real ladies' cat. Whenever a man would enter the house, Myst exited the room or stayed out of sight. On the other hand, if a lady entered the house, Myst would approach the lady, sit, and stare at her as if he's checking her out or finding out what's going on. It's really funny! My brothers would always tell me that Myst didn't like them.
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What happens when your daughter's friend simply ignores your cat? As a cat owner, he may be making too much eye contact with your cat, which many cats find threatening. Our cat was acting very aggressively towards my nephew. We solved it by having my nephew avoid sitting directly next to me, and slowly blinking his eyes when he found the cat looking at him - that signals "I mean you no harm!"
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It doesn't matter if the cat is resting and looking out the window or if he is walking by - the cat still hisses and "moans" at this friend. We have lectured the cat several times (!) and now he looks at us like he's bored with the suggestion of being nice.
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Peppurr, my big suck, is scared of men. Any man that wears glasses and a hat, he's scared of. My dad wears glasses and a hat and he yelled at Peppurr. Ever since then he's been afraid of men in glasses. Weird huh?
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