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Do you need a tissue?

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Well, I'm sorry...the kittens have been using them, so you'll have to get some more! Seems that one or more of the 3M's has figured out how to pull tissues out of the box. I think it's probably Molly because she's the one I caught carrying one around the house one day, as if she'd killed it and was going to hide it somewhere. I thought maybe if I stuffed the tissues back down into the box they wouldn't be able to get them out, but I may be wrong because this morning I found a half-shredded one laying on the floor. Anyone else's kitties like to play with tissues?

P.S.--I also know that one of them (possibly Max) has discovered the wonders of toilet paper because I came home from shopping one day and found a small pile of unrolled tp on the bathroom floor. Thankfully, it was all still in one piece! I guess nothing is sacred around here anymore!
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Cats give us thanks for inventing paper... Whether it's tissues, cardboard, paper towels - how they love to trim their claws in them.
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Pixel LOVES tissue! altho she considerately waits for me to give her one, rather than helping herself!
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We had to start buying the Puffs brand which don't pop up because Much will nibble on the one that is popped up.
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