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Monday's DT

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Happy Monday everyone!

Figured I'd start the DT today. Oh, blah, my allergies are kicking up again now that the steroids they gave me are gone. Great . . . *sigh* oh well . . .

Not much planned today; mostly have some homework and studying to do, and a couple classes to go to. Other than that, I'll be on later tonight, I hope. Alex has to work, I think.
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I'm slowly coming out of my nasty nasty cold. I still cough pretty bed but I don't want to take any medications during the first trimester of pregnancy. I do feel sorry for the little fella inside me - he must be badly shaken by now :LOL:

Well, he's certainly having his revenge at mommy - I feel so sick

On the bright side - when I look out of my window I can see the two most perfect tulips in my garden Sorry to hear your allergies are aflare Viva, but I hope you can at least enjoy looking at the flowers through closed windows...

Have a great week everyone!
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Viva- take care of those allergies
Anne-Glad to here that cold is going away. Maybe that baby can get some sleep now!

I went from am shift to pm shift at work. They switch me around all the time. My poor kittys never know breakfast from dinner time. Im supposed to be studying for my up coming professional certification test. But I just cant seem to make myself do it.
Here is wisconsin i noticed the firt hint of green starting to come back to the lawns.
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nothing.....nothing....nothing....boring day here.
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Buddy has assimilated into the household - he is now getting into mischief. I think that Rowdy is egging him on.

Poor Bill had a hard time sleeping, last night. Buddy snuggled up tightly against him and Bill couldn't turn over.

Nothing day, today. We got all of the housework done, over the weekend and I don't start my new job until May 5. Thank goodness, for the library.
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Thanks for reminding me about the library, This week I plan on joining the library, I got a long list of books I want to read Now that I have finished painting the chairs, I can sit outside and read and my landlord said I can use her swimming pool when its ready, so I think I will, great exercise - I need it!
I have been painting, working on the garden, removing some concrete blocks so I can plant Hostas where they were.
Anne and Viva - GET BETTER SOON!

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I have to clean the house. And hopefully hubby will get the room already for snowwhite and we can move her in there tonight or tomorrow. I think the babies are starting to open there eyes, so i want everyone to have room to play!
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It was a beautful day!Sunny and warm.I did nothing today,except run to the post office and did something I hate,payed my taxes!Then I came home,one of the kitten.s eye was draining a clear stuff,so I called the vet and took her down, she has a infection was given some med.to put in 3 times a day,she allready looks better. I got a post card from Belglum,from Nina Thank you ,what a beautful place.That;s it!
Have a good day.
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