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Food for thought

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I am currently feeding my 4 1/2 old kitten:
1 can of Innova, Evo, or Natural life a day (5.5oz)
and he gets about 1/4 cup of Felidae dry food a day...he sometimes doesn't finish his dry food.
I am considering switching his dry food because I'm not sure he really likes Felidae. Any suggestions on a good dry food? I currently spend $10 on a 5lb bag and want to stay in that range. Also, what do you think about the wet food he is getting? I think he would be completly happy with wet food only but I want him to have dry as an options since he does eat a little.
I don't see him drink much water, only on occasion. Since he is getting a can of wet food a day, does this amount of water sufice?

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I just want to clarify that my cat is 4 1/2 months, not years!!!
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I think your kitten may be getting enough food with the 5.5 oz can per day. He may like the Felidae, but is just too full to eat more. I know Evo and Innova are high quality foods; I've heard of Natural Life but don't know much about it.

Canned food is better for your kitten, so it's great that he likes it. He'd be fine without the dry food. But since he eats a little of it, why not give it to him as a treat? I use dry food that way for my cats, making a game of it by hiding individual pieces under toys, in paper towel rolls, and also throwing pieces down the hall so they get exercise running for it. My cats get these "treats" 1 or 2 times per day, so they're eating about 20 -30 pieces of dry food total, probably close to the same amount your little guy nibbles. You can try California Natural - it's a high quality food that all of my kitties love - your little one may like it too.
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When mine were about that age I added a small amount of dry. I ordered these because I could get coupons that would offset the shipping. No quality foods in my area. Orijen worked well and was liked. California Natural Chicken and Rice was a fav for everyone. I added Taste of The Wild Feline as a change in rotation. This is a hit too.

Mine are mostly wet food eaters. I try to rotate good quality like those you use. Whatever they will eat and do well on.
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