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Daily Thread Monday August 18th!

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Morning cat lovers!

Thunderstorms and HOT HOT HOT today...hopefully the storms hold off so we can enjoy the hot weather a bit.

I am getting increasingly worried about Trout after our move. We are staying with my mom and her husband and they don't want her there but are letting us stay there because we have nowhere else to stay.

They keep telling me little things like "she better not shed, you better keep her off the furniture..etc.." I am dreading it. Poor Trout, its not like she is a monster..I mean "keep her off the furniture" ??? Why!?

Anyway, I am kind of worried about bringing her there..I will be finding a place as fast as I can so she doesn't get mistreated at all there.

Just packing after work today. 11 more days...
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Its going to be toasty here today also-high of 88F with chance of rain this afternoon/early evening.
I'm watering part of the veg garden and another garden its been about 90 minutes so I'll turn off shortly. Then heading to a clients to water and do just a little work.
Some errands too.

Do you plan on keeping Trout confined to your bedroom while staying with your mom??
Sounds like they aren't used to having pets. I'd keep her in the bedroom esp when you are at work.

Have a good start to the week everyone.
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Morning All!!!!

I agree maybe keeping Trout confined to your bedroom would be the best and hopefully you'll find a place quickly..

Hot and stormy here as well, I can hear thunder but it's not very loud as of yet.

Heading off to work shortly then just home afterwards.

Not feeling to perky today..

The kitties are good just sitting in the window checking out the neighborhood.

Everyone have a great day
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Yes, I will be keeping her confined. I feel bad for her though being all cooped up
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I've got a few little errands to run today

This morning I was supposed to go to Yoga with my friend, but since i felt so yucky, i skipped my work out today. (will definitely be going to the rec center on Wed!)

After that I called my doctors office and made another appointment

This afternoon i'm going to Lowes to get wallpaper remover and to pick out paint I can't wait!!! I'm going to rip down all the hideous wallpaper in this house and paint everything!!!!

After I go to Lowes i'm going to Petsmart to get some new fishies for my community tank I'm excited!!!
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What a long day!

Rob and I left Maine at 3:30pm Sunday afternoon, and didn't get back to SC until 11:00am this morning! Needless to say we did not work today

We did adopt another fur-baby though, a 10-12wk old all black kitten. He's such a sweetie Katina isn't so amused though, and he just cant understand why she doesn't want to be his friend

We haven't slept yet, and now the MIL called and said Katina has worms, but no specifications on anything further or how she even found this out, and now wont answer the phone when Rob calls

I am just going to sleep forever lol.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Yes, I will be keeping her confined. I feel bad for her though being all cooped up
That would annoy me as well, but who know's maybe she will win over your Mom over and they'll be better with her
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