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Good morning!

My cat(Rascal) had her litter(7) of kittens overnight. I have never done this before and I just want to know if there is anything i am supposed to do or can do for Rascal. The vets office is not going to be open for a while so if anyone can help that would be great.

Thanks alot,
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Just make sure all the linnen they are laying on is clean and dry. You should put some kitten food and water near mom so she doesn't have to go very far to eat or drink, and make sure she's not bleeding or having any physical problems. Cats usually know what to do by nature, we just kind of provide a little extra support and care
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I don't have any suggestions, but wanted to say congrats on your new kitties!! I wish I could have one...do you have any pictures!
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Thank you! I do not have any pictures yet but I will take one soon. They are so adorable!
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