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Do You Delete Any Of Your TCS Subscriptions...

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after awhile, or do you keep them all?

I just noticed the other day that I had eleven pages of them, so I figured I'd better do some "house cleaning". I try to delete them after a specific amount of time; otherwise, there gets to be too many.
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What's a TCS Subscription?
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It's when you want to keep up on a particular thread, so you add a subscription... that way, you get emails whenever that thread has been updated.

To the OP: Yes, I do. Once in a while. I don't think I have nearly as many pages as you, but I do clean them out once in a while...

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yes... altho not as often as i should!
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Yes, I do from time to time, and it's very much getting to be "time".
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I don't think I have ever subscribed to a thread!
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I have not cleaned mine out yet, but I have only have 3 pages of them ,lol!!

If I don't subscribe to a thread (mine are all auto subscribed) then I do not remember which thread I had posted in! Especially since a lot of them I read and don't post, so then I forget if I posted in it or not! lol
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I never cleaned mine out - never thought to. 101 pages
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Don't feel too bad, Jana. I have 163 pages, and I DO clean them out, though it's obviously time to do so again.
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Why clean them out? If the threads are still there, don't you want to know if someone posted in an old thread you posted in (or otherwise cared about) and "resurrected" it? I mean, I don't like Zombie threads more than anyone else, but I like to know if my words are part of a Zombie!
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I keep all my subscriptions! I've found that I remember something that would be useful and I search for it in one of my threads I've either started or added to.

I just recently went through them and found one I did back in 2002 that had something to do with..."where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Only one thing panned out...and that was my age!!
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I've never subscribed to a thread
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Ya know , I've always wondered if keeping all the subscriptions takes up lots of space on the server?? I've always limited mine to 2 or 3 pages.
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I doubt that it's a server issue. I don't know the structure of this database, but I do know relational databases -- sometimes rather better than I want to -- and I can't imagine this being more than a check mark in a field.

It's just a matter of housekeeping, as far as I'm concerned. Once I've contributed as much as I can, and other responses aren't changing much, I don't figure I need to keep a close watch any more -- if there are more replies, it'll still turn up in New Posts, and I'll see it there. I keep subscriptions for threads I know I would continue to want to read even if they got dredged up five years later.
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