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Kitty nurse

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Well I woke up with rotten headache, sore throat, blocked sinuses etc and decided to stay home. I mostly slept until around 4.30pm and Zeb kept me company all day! Since we put in a cat flap 2 days ago he has mostly been outside but today followed me around and snuggled me either in or on top of the bed. Was so nice to cuddle him and hear his purrs as I felt so blah. Guess he knew I needed some comforting. Does anyone elses kitties do this?
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Midnight always seems to know when I need some TLC. He is so sweet about it, snuggling close to me and gently tapping my cheek with his paw.
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When I was little, our kitties ALWAYS came and slept on me while I was sick. It was so nice, cuz I was normally cold, and they kept me nice and warm!
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awww that is so cute!
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I used to have a cat, that understood migraines. Peanut would come and snuggle, with his head on my shoulder. When I have a migraine, purring is the only sound, that doesn't hurt.
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Can your cat give me a lift?!?
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When I had a kidney stone, they sent me home from the hospital with painkillers and sedatives. Every time I would wake up a little, I would see Fred, sitting on my pillow, watching over me. My s/o said he had stayed awake for 18 hours, just sitting there. I guess he finally figured out I was ok when I sat up to watch tv, he dove under the covers, snuggled down, and slept for most of the day.
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Yestday I had one of those attacks where you cry for really no reason at all - this was set off by a really emotional movie. Anyway, Loki just sat next to me and softly meowed - like Mom what wrong - I am here. He stayed until I was done and before going off he gave me a headbutt

That's my baby boy !!
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I woke up on Saturday with a migraine and since I had a breakfast appointment with my sister, Kathleen, I decided to push through and go out with her. By the time I was driving home it was unbearable. Usually when I walk in the door Max is very vocal, but he was quiet and just followed me around until I laid down and then he came to cuddle and we both fell asleep. I think he knew that his meowing would hurt my head and I needed some comfort.

Max's Mommy

P.S. I sympathize with anyone who suffers from migraines.
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Prior to my hysterectomy, the cats that I had then had no qualms about lying on my stomach. When I got home from the hospital, they all came in and laid on the bed with me. Not one of them got anywhere near my abdominal region. HOW do they know?
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We've got a little nurse too. She is so empathic, she just knows when we need her, whether we are physically ill or just need some comfort. She was a feral kitten and it took a long time before she would allow us to touch her or approach her. When she was still a kitten and before the first real touch occurred, I was really sick. I was in bed for 3 days, and that little girl who was still too scared to let us touch her, slept on the pillow next to me every day. She left to eat and use the litterbox, and would leave when hubby came to bed at night, but that was it. She always stays with us when we're sick. She's like our own thermometer.....she knows we're sick sometimes before we do!
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