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Settling In

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Heh, 24 hours later and I'm already posting pictures again!

They're still sneezing, though three of them are at least still playing, even if they seem a bit subdued for two month olds (I only have the X-Pack to compare them to). But poor Vegas is doing nothing but sleeping on me, and occassionlly eating. So can I please get vibes for all four Meow Men?

So, if I type funny, it's becuase I'm one handed for Vegas's sake!

On with piccies!

How I'm typing:

To improve their health, we're switching them to much better food! Even though it's still mstly crummy Meow Mix, they seem to like it! Clockwise from 1:00- Lovelock, Vegas, Reno, Sparks.

Poor Vegas, after eating, first thing he does is sit and wait for me to settle down so he can curl up.

Yes, we're insane! We bought a cat tree just for our fosters. So this is "Foster Fairground".

Why Lovelock got his name. His trademark is:


Flop. "Rub my tummy!"

Around here, ask and you shall receive!

Good news, even Sparks has settled down enough to play without freaking out! Sorry it's such a great picture of the cage, best I could do one handed... (Vegas was using my other hand then too.)
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Vegas sounds like a total lover there. And they are all so cute.
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Awwwww very cute!
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They are all so cute!
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