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What's for Dinner?

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It was left-over night for me..
I made a nice pasta salad with some left-over noodles, diced chicken, onions, celery and tossed it with Golden Caesar Dressing.. It was very tasty.
For dessert I sliced up a mango and had it with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt...

How about you?
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I made meat loaf, garlic mashes potatoes and gravy. The taters were boxed, the gray packaged but the meat loaf was all me.
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Made a macaroni salad earlier Will have that with bacon burgers. We were going to grill, but it's pretty windy.
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I had italian sausage and peppers over rice I made a little piggy out of myself too It's one of my favorite meals! I also had a tiny slice of red velvet cake, not to much room left after dinner
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We had instant mashed potatoes, instant mac and cheese, bread, and John had a hamburger with his.
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I had a big lunch at work--Chicken Cordon Bleu, Twice-baked Potato, Steamed Broccoli and a cloverleaf roll.

I just had my dinner which was turkey and cheese on an English Muffin and a few Sour Cream & Onion Chips.

It was good. But I liked my sandwich the best.
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I made ham with pineapple & brown sugar, sour cream & chive potatoes, and peas. For dessert I had Neopolitan ice cream.

Reading this is making me hungry again!
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I had a romaine lettuce salad with rasberry vinagrette dressing and a slice of whole wheat bread with water and a cup of yogurt!
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Today was my mom's 60th birthday! I threw a small little party for her at my house!We all had a good time! I made lasagna and we had crusty Italian bread & ceasar salads to go with it For her birthday cake I made her a triple chocolate cake and decorted it with white icing roping on the top and bottom and little white daisies with green stems and yellow centers It was cute!
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