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Bluebell, Snowbelle & Sweetie

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Lei asked in another thread if I would introduce our chickens here - so.....here are the girls

We had originally picked out names for them, (Bluebell, Meadow & Blossom) but hubby found that when calling them out in the garden he felt a bit daft So, they ended up with the names that he felt happy saying out loud where everybody could hear him.

Here they are when they first came home in February - they were still very young and hadn't started laying

Snowbelle & Sweetie

A close up of Snowbelle when she was very young

Sweetie - a little freaked out by the camera

Snowbelle looking beautiful once her comb had grown in

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Cool pics - I like multi-color chickens better. How do you tell the white ones apart?
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Once I can get the latest photos resized, you will see that the two white ones (Snowbelle and Sweetie) they have grown up to be quite different.

Snowbelle has a bigger comb and a long fan-type tail. Her feathers are pure white (apart from when she's been digging around the garden). Sweetie has a brownish tinge to her feathers and has a short stubby tail and comb - she is also a much stockier chicken than Snowbelle.

The place where we bought them from had many different varieties of chicken, we chose them principally for their characters as opposed to their colouring. They are the most sociable, characterful little birds.
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Oh ok, I only get to see the different kinds at the State Fair (which starts this coming Thursday). I never knew there was that many different kinds of chickens, ducks, and geese

I like the Runner Ducks
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I'm going to the state fair too, but I usually go only for the goats and horses...Hahaha! Not too much into chickens...
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They are very nice looking!
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