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BABY Chinchillas!

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My chinnies just had babies! One pink white, and one mosaic! They are the cutest baby chins I think I've ever seen. They were a total surprise because I bought the parents as slow/non breeders. She was pregnant before I got her. The breeder sold a bunch of her slow breeders, many of which have not had babies in three years. Turns out 9 or 10 of them have had babies since she sold them. After 3 years they decide to breed right before she sells them. These are really nice quality chinchillas! Not your average pet store quality chins. I may give one back to the breeder, she hasn't asked for one, but I might offer anyway. I paid $20 for the pair, and the babies are worth over $100 each. I've already had offers on them.

Okay, I'll get on with the pics!.........
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That was the mosaic, here's the pink white....
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Congratulation on your new family members! Ohhh, they are so cute! Please send more photos as they grow. How many were they?
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Awww how adorible!! I've always wanted a Chinchilla, but I opted for a ferret who stole my heart instead
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OMG!! They are so small!! I am sure the mommy appreciates this, but I didn't imagine them so tiny! (Well, duh, Jamie)
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Very tiny and sweet!!!
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Aww! What cute babies!
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awww how cute!!!!
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Adorable! I want to see more pics as they grow!!

And that would be such a nice gesture if you offered to give one back to the breeder!
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Such sweeties! I know very little about Chinchilas, but I wonder if the fact that they all didn't breed until they were sold doesn't mean anything? Maybe there was something in the way the breeder kept them that prevented them from breeding?
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How precious! I've never seen baby chins, they are so cute!!!
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Oh my - how special are they!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW - I want one or two....
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They're so tiny! And cute! I don't know how you're going to be able to give them up... I know I'd have a hard time.
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Anne: That's what I wondered this morning. But I don't really know much about Chin's either, except for the report I did on them back in 5th grade! haha
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Actually, they all got pregnant BEFORE she sold them! Weird
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Well I offered one to the breeder and she said yes (of course! they're really nice looking babies). She's going to make me a trade on the other one. Both of these babies are females, and I was wanting a male mosaic (like the baby in the first pic) to pair with my beautiful standard girl. So she's gonna see if she has one, and if she does, we'll make a trade.

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