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Harness trained cat gone crazy!

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Here is my dilemma. Frankie is our little abyssinian cat he has been harness trained and he loves to go for rides in the truck. We have a large fenced back yard and we started putting Frankie on a leash to go for walks in the back yard. Now the little man thinks he is Mr Outdoors.
He cries at the door to go out and last night he must have been waiting at the door, when my husband came in the house he escaped with out notice. I had a funny feeling because I didn't see him for a couple hours and I went looking for him. I called outside and he came running. All my cats are indoor cats.

Frankie is really getting fixated on going outside. He cries non stop at the door and now he is trying to escape all the time. He will also jump from the floor on our shoulders when we are trying to go outside. I feel like I opened a can of worms when I harness trained him. Any ideas on what to do?
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Yikes. First I would strongly consider building/buying a cat enclosure and figuring out how to hook it to the house so that he can go in and out by himself and not be running out the door.

Either that, or you have no choice but to not take him outside again and slowly reinforce it. That might mean giving him a few treats he will eat in another room away from the door so you have time to get out and the cat stay in
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The cat enclosure is a great idea! We do have a perfect spot to build one. That would make a good project for us. I'm sure the other cats would love that too!

Frankie lives to go for Rides with his Dad. That would hurt his little feelings if I cut him off(he is spoiled) I need to figure out something in the mean time to stop his bad habit he is getting into. Harness training is great but I now realize there can be draw backs to it too.

I need to figure a way to teach him that he can only go out when the harness is on....hmmm
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