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Cats and weather.......funny

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Is anyone else's cats afraid of the weather???

Today (well for the past couple of days) it has been kind of thundering/raining (just a little) and it scares our kitties! It is rather funny to watch. Shorty (our "inside" kitty) was outside, b/c her Mama (Zeb) was out there earlier when Mom went to work (about 7-7:30ish), and she stayed outside until about 10am, when it started to rumble a bit. I had the window open and could here this cat crying and meowing, so I went to let her in, and she wouldn't come! She was too scared! So I went down to the end of the trailer and when she realized I was a "safe" thing and wasn't going to hurt her, she almost glued herself to my legs b/c of the thunder rumbling! I couldn't even hardly walk to the door so she could get in! Then even when we were inside, she was still kind of scared of the thunder!

Before, she also liked to "catch" snowflakes out the window, it was amusing to watch anyhow!

I remember Sambo (our first kitty) was scared of something moving under him. When we first got the trailer, and it had to be leveled all the time (b/c it would shift), he would hide in the corner and just look at you with these huge eyes as if to say "why is this moving?????? It shouldn't be!!!!! Fix it and make it still again!!!".

None of the other cats seem to be really bothered by the weather, really. But they are mostly outside cats, and Shorty is inside most of the time. Maybe that has something to do with it.

What type of funny behaviour do your cats have????
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I'm sure you'll get lots of funny cat behvior stories I recall several very funny cat behavior threads we've had in the cat behavior forum before.

Moving this thread over to cat behavior...
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Ok Anne, that's fine. I never thought to put it in the behavior forum, but it's 2 am here and I really should go to bed instead of being up....oh well. Thanks.
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My cats have ZILLIONS of funny behaviors that always have me laughing. I will only mention ONE here-sorry it's not related to weather..

They like to hang up the phone or take it off the hook! I'm not joking!! Often, whenever the phone is ringing, they'd run over, then push it off with their paws and then press on the "hang up" button. When I come home, it's almost guaranteed that I'd find the phone off the hook.

It can be really cute but sometimes really annoying- especially if I'm using internet and they decide to play with the phone then I "Lose" the internet. I'd have to go out of the bedroom into the living room to put the phone back on the hook before I could start internet up again.

Guess that's what I get for treating them like human babies! They are my babies no matter what they do and they KNOW it- I'm their slave!
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I have a funny one from today..

I was vacuuming and my new cat Bolly was totally intrigued.. watching and moving his head with the motions. He started to look a little worried though when it was around his food and water dishes. He even put out a little paw as to smack it!

Then when the vacuum was off and in the hallway, he went over to inspect it. Very, very, VERY carefully he extended his paw (with the rest of his body ready to run if something scary happened). Right then and there, my dorbell buzzer went off!

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My little girl Luna is scared to death of thunder of some reason.She was a feral and when I brought her inside, she never seemed to be afraid of anything but people, but one day it was reaining really badly and I couldn't find her and it worried me, I searched EVERYWHERE with no results. well it turned out she was hiding in the bathroom behind the toilet shaking so I picked her up and tried to comfort her by bringing her into the bedroom and putting her inbetween myself and my s/o and petting her. well she wanted nothing to do with that when the thunder struck again so off to behind the toilet she ran again. poor thing,she hid there the whole time the storm was here. now when I know it is going to rain, I will close the basement door(it tends to pour into the basement if it rains hard and I don't want them to get into the water)and then I turn on the radio or something so that it drowns out the sound of the storm some what so that Luna isn't so nervous. My other three cats couldn't care less if it is thundering outside or not. it's really weird.
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Those are some good ones! Fortunately, shorty isn't that scared yet. I don't think the thunder bothers her inside, as it hasn't happened quite yet that we would be getting a huge thunderstorm now. We'll wait for summer and see what happens then!
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my guys get scared of thunder sometimes
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mY ctas get all spunky and more active when it storms.....they really don't seem scared at all..just hyper...
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Most of my kitties hate the snow! My Bengal will run and pounce through it!
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I have found out that Shorty hates snow!!! It snowed (yet again...can't seem to stay in one season for very long this month!) on Wednesday nite, and I went to put Shorty out thursday morning, and she didn't want to go! I have found out though, that her way of saying "let me stay in" is to bite and scratch you (savage little kitty that she is ...she isn't really but if she doesn't want to go, she's not going to!) I'm not sure why she hates the snow so much. Oh well. Hopefully we don't have anymore at least until October now....although it is possible we'll have some more before the end of May!:
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We'd play a game in the snow at night. Myst would dash through the snow out to the woods as fast as possible, tail flying, then I'd call him. Suddenly, he'd come charging in the snow towards me like a freight train, making a sudden stop right at my feet. We'd repeat this game over and over until it got so cold I wanted to go inside. Brrr, it was so cold!
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Snowball is afraid of thunderstorms and the sound of rain. We live in an older house, and we have an old-fashioned bathtub with feet. When it storms or rains Snowball hides either under the bathtub or under a piece of furniture. If he can't get to one of these safe places during a storm he gets so terrified he is almost paralized(sp?) with fear. If it is raining off and on all day, Snowball keeps going in and out of his safe hiding places. I'm not sure why rainy weather scares him so much.
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