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Lost Points

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I think the bank ate my points...

There was 1,925 points in the bank, and I deposited 90...but my new bank total came up 1,925...and then added 7 points automatically after I posted next. Am I going crazy, or did I lose 90 points?

Hopefully when I post this it will have the right total

Edit: No I'm not crazy, it ate my points, and is adding new points to the bank every post...?
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I will pass this along to the more technical people.
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Sounds like a weird bug. We'll see if this is something that Eric can look into. Thanks for reporting! I just added 200 points to your account, just in case
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Thanks so much guys for looking into it. I just didn't want anybody else losing points too!
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Are you still getting 7 points per post? Or is it back to normal now?
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Looks like everything is normal again

There are some really generous and kind people on here
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