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Sunday!!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!

Kind of cloudy here this morning but hopefully it will clear up later today..

Heading off to work shortly, spending the day doing ROE's and Reference Letters for our college bound students who finished up on Friday..As with most students they decided to leave earlier then expected so they can do some summer things before returning to school.

After work it's off to Walmart to pick up a few things, then the farmer's market for some fresh fruit and veggie's.

The kitties are good this morning, off enjoying their various kitty pursuits.

Everyone have a great day
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Church at 10am . Nothing else but relax. DH has to fix the one tile that came loose in the bathroom, but other then then minor thing, we have a "free" day
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I have to go to church at 11. There is a memorial for my dad today because its been one year since he died. Then we are going to his grave after. Sometime this afternoon I am going home and I might go to the fair tonight.
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My Mom and I are going to spend the day at the beach. Then when we get back I'm going to go home and cook dinner for me and DH and sit around the rest of the night.
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My cousin spent the night last night, so we've been up for awhile now. We went to breakfast at Panera, with my boyfriend. We then dropped him off at work, then went to Walmart because I needed some groceries. After being on vaca for a week, our kitchen was bare. We found a toy for her, and now we're home. I have to meet her parents up in West Lebanon, NH which is an hour away or so. So we'll be leaving soon.

Back to work tomorrow.
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Got up early (5:30 am) to get some stuff done as its going to be warm today and tomorrow-oh and humid too!! Normal temps this time of year 78F today and tomorrow will be 10 degrees warmer.

So got a load of laundry on the line, did some weeding, canned some tomatoes, cleaned up the kitchen, cooked some potatoes for Neil's lunches this week and chopped up some fruit.

After lunch we my head north to go swimming.

Enjoy your Sunday!!
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I finally feel good enough to actually do something, anything. So what am I going to do? Probably nothing. Being sick for the last week has taught me that 1 it's boring being sick, 2 it sucks, and 3 work is very unforgiving if you're actually sick.
I am very disappointed at my work place. I know someone calling in presents a problem, but they've never acted towards other peoplethe way they acted to me. They had the nerve to ask me if I'd be back on Monday or not. Um Hello I didn't ask to get sick, and let me tell you, if it were my choice, I'd be working and making money not lying in bed not being able to eat, doubled over in pain.
How disrespectful. Don't you think? Be glad I am not just quitting like so many of your employees are doing lately. Now I guess I understand why they are.....
Off to job hunt again..
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Been to Wal-Mart already, stopped by Aldi to see DH (he's working today). I have big plans since I've got the house to myself---watch the Cubs game, do some laundry, clean the bathroom, do some crafting, and if I'm really lucky I'll get in a nap and a shower
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Right now...watching my cats make utter fools of themselves with the new fuzzy mice I bought them last night...

In a bit, going to gas up my Explorer, and grab a bite to eat; probably at Perkins.

Later, when hubby is off to work, I'm gonna go play with my horse...

When I get home tonight I will probably just sack out on the computer, and watch some tv...
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Well............. I have gotten alot accomplished today;

One load of laundry in the wash
Packed up a couple boxes
Went to the gym
Got groceries
Talked to my sister and mom on the phone
Clipped Trouts nails

And I still have to shower Will probably pack a little more later on..
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Looks like i'm just a little late to this thread!

Sunday was a big day around here! On Saturday I helped my cousin James move into his new apartment (it's an adorable 1920's flat!!!). After that we had lunch with my aunt and him and then i went over to my sister Kimmy's house. I picked up my nephew Cooper and we went to wal-mart to pick up groceries and decorations (my mom's 60th birthday was on Sunday!)

After we got home it was already after midnight, I unpacked everything and got my nephew to bed. When I walked into my bathroom i found my beautiful little red telescope goldfish, Winston had died So i put him to rest and then spent the next few hours completly taking the tank down, cleaning it, and then setting it up again I didn't get to bed until 3am!

When I woke up I fixed some breakfast for Colin, Cooper and I. After that Cooper and I went to go get my mom a birthday present When we got back home we cleaned and decorated the house for my mom's birthday party (I did a cute little Daisy theme!). I After we decorated a bit i put together a lasagna and birthday cake and my nephew helped me cook it all! We had a blast getting ready for mom's birthday dinner!

Around 5 everyone came over and we had a yummy lasagna dinner and celebrated with some cake (tripple chocolate cake -her fav. and I decorated it with little white daisies with green stems and yellow centers It was cute! Definitely not professional lol, but i tried!) Everyone hung out for a few hours and just had a good time!

After the all left, i cleaned up a bit and then went to bed I slept for about 3 hours i was so tired (still not feeling great). I woke up about 2 hours ago and finished all of the dishes.

Tomorrow (or later today) i'm probably going to go to look at some more fish for my tank and then go to yoga with my friend
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