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What to do???

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About an hour ago my cat jumped up on our 2nd floor patio deck and attempted to jump over to other patio. He feel down. I went down to go get him. Got him back in house and saw he was limping on right paw. I called my regular vet and i was referred to ER clinic. Now here is my problem I have no money to have him seen. I tried the care credit and was denied. I don't know what to do for him right now. I tried applying some ice to the paw. A friend said I should try and make a splint and wrap his paw up ? What do I do?????????? Plz I dont know what I can do to help my baby!!!!
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Maybe this will help
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I have went through and there is nothing open now for me to call
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Is he still limping? How badly? Can you see any injury?
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He was limping bad. He limped around had something to eat and used the litter box. About maybe 45min ago he layed down to sleep. He is tossing around alot trying to get comfortable -- From inspecting his paw I don't see really anything except a lil swelling - which we are trying to get him to lay still to apply ice to it.
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I would just take him to your regular vet first thing Monday morning, or as soon as you can get in. There's not much more you can do for it, and I don't think for a moment you can keep ice on it with any success. I know when I broke my wrist a couple of months ago, everyone said to put ice on it, but it hurt way too much for that!
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I'd keep him confined to a large carrier or small crate where he can't move around too much till the vet can see him. Hopefully nothing is broken and its just a bad sprain.
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Rey has been laying in the bedroom closet. It's nice and cool for him in there. I did get him to eat some wet food. Tried to help him to box but he didnt want to use it. I know his leg is hurting and i tried to keep it elevated while in box.

What worries me is Rey is over weight. So I know the fall (12ft-15ft) was that much more impact on him. So I think could there be internal injuries.

We have called around to some more vets in hopes that they would bill us but have had zero luck. I have tried the PayDay loan but I dont have any checks - and the require you to give them a blank check. I tried applying for emergency credit through my bank didnt work out. I have tried friends and family still no luck. I was thinking maybe pet insurance. I tried going through petco but wasnt abale to get in touch with anyone.

I just REALLY hope tomorrow my regular vet will work with me. I get paid Friday and even have vaction pay. I just feel bad I cant do nothing now!!! Its breaking my heart seeing my boy in pain!!!
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I also got him to drink. It's really hot here and I want to make sure he's hydrated. What i did was gave him wet food and add some cold water tilted the bowl so he was getting the water first then layed it flat so he could take the food add a lil more water.

I noticed his paw is now starting to swell up and we were able to ice it for a little while.
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I was able to get Rey into his regular vet today. They did exam and took an xray of his right paw. He has what the doc thinks is two dislocated toes and wrist area didn't look good either - looked compressed. His vet is gonna send a copy of xray to a sugeon and see if he needs surgery. I will know tomorrow She didn't splint his paw just because we are waiting on the surgeons opinion. She also gave him some pan medication. Plz send good vibes and prayers Reys way!!!
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Poor little baby, many Prayers and for Rey
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Oh goodness! Poor baby!
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The vet called back about the xrays and what the other wants to do. The other doc wants to do surgery he is really concerned about the wrist and wants to stablize it by fuzing it as well as the toes. My vet said the surgery could run around 3-4k other option would be to have his leg amputated. I am working very hard on finding someone to help me wit the surgery. I may have one friend that may be willing to help but wont know for sure until tomorrow. I am in process of getting a list together of things I can sell and post them @ our apt complex in hopes to raise some cash.

Please keep those good vibes coming we really need them!!!!
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Wow, what a tough situation for you! I will pray that you will get the money together!
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I will pray that things go well for you and the poor little Rey.
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I have called every place for finanical help from the site posted on the stickie for those who cant afford vets. With really no luck. I have applied for practically every credit card I could only to be denied. I have asked friends/family still havent got anywhere either.

I talked to my vet ofc today to bring them up to speed where I am. They said if I wasnt able to get him treated I might want to consider putting him to sleep. Which I don't want to do because outside his leg he is a healthy cat 3 yrs old- then I think if I dont do something I am wrong I dont want to see him in any pain. She said well we have one other option to amputate the leg. She would have the vet work up a estimate for that which i recall her saying it would be about 1800$ I made some more call and found a vet that would bill me for the surgery and wanted me to get the xrays from my vet and Reys medical records. I called my vets office back all excited because I thought I was finally getting somewhere. I explained I found this Vet that would bill me and the tech I spoke to said that might not be a wise idea to have this vet do the surgery as it is very complicated and he may not be able to fix his paw and would be in more pain if it wasnt repaired right. An rey would have to undergo another surgery - the vet they referred me to specialized in this type of surgery. I called the vets ofc who specializes and begged them if they would put me on a payment plan. I worked out a budget in which it would take me no more than 2 months to pay off and would be able to put 1/2 down now but they want all the money up front. So my mind is running what to do.

options 1: have the vet who isnt specialized in this surgery treat him. Who will bill me

option 2: Have my vet amputate the leg

option 3: wait till i can raise the money for the vet spciality center which will be 2 months if Rey can go that long

Putting him down is not an option as I will try all I can!!!

What bothers me is cost for speciality doctor to go in and fuze the injuries will cost 3-4k. The amputation is around 1800$. For 2200$ i can save his leg and no one is willing to work with me!!!!
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