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It's that time of year again... Hurricane Season!

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And we have one possibly headed this way


I'm going to pick up some plywood tomorrow (and pray it doesn't come this way) but it's better to have it then NOT have it

If it does come this way we will board up the house, pack up the kids and critters and head to my parents.
They have a block house, generators, hurricane panels on the house... To me, it's safer then a shelter

I'm watching the weather VERY closely and will keep you guys posted.

Can we have some "Go away Fay" vibes?
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And if you have to leave, that you and your animals make a safe trip!
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Go away fay!!
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Many stay safe vibes headed your way.
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We've already had two over here this year, and both were real blessings.

Yeah, I know that sounds silly, but both were pretty weak, and they brought rain in where it was very much needed and appreciated.
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We are keeping a close eye on Fay too! Not on the coast, but have still had many hurricanes do quite a bit of damage here!

And just 2 weeks ago a thunderstorm caused a tree to fall down in our yard...I am worried how much more Fay could do!!

Four years ago, either Frances or Ivan (don't remember) hit us pretty hard and we had no power for 2 weeks and had a tree fall on our roof!! I hope that doesn't happen again!!!
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Go Away Fay!

I know we are even keeping a close eye on it here in TN. They are saying it might drop some rain on us right as race festivities are getting started! I feel sorry for those people in tents!
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You have my sympathies! We had to pay attention to Hurricane Dolly & Eduardo, and got slammed badly three years ago by Hurricane Rita. It's no fun!

You're doing the "right" thing by preparing early. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Back off, Fay!
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We're loading up tonite and preparing to stay at my parents house.

We're not exactly sure what is going to happen or where it's going to hit but it's better safe then sorry!

That's the downfall to hurricanes, you never know what's going to happen
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It was on the news over here showing you all getting ready for it Stay safe all of you, and report in when you can to let us know your ok?.

Lot's of that it blows itself away
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