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Buttons babies are 5 weeks already...

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Well first of all let me say sorry I havent updated sooner, we are in the process of home renovations and I am running satallite internet and we were re-doing the roof so I had to take the dish off and have no internet for almost 2 weeks

Anyway...They are 5 weeks today and im still amazed at how fast it has gone by and how big they have gotten and who can forget thoes little kitten personalities flying around the house...

They are both using the litter box and drinking water but I cannot get them interested in any kind of food what-so-ever!! But I keep trying ....

Lily Girl

She loves climbing to the top of the scratching post like the queen...

Tiger Boy

Yep...Classic Play Time - the look worse then they actually

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They are soooo cute! They look like they have longer hair. My Mini-B has longer hair than the rest, and considering her mom is siamese and dad is pretty much bald, it's really weird to see LOL Mine are almost 7 weeks and doing all they should I'm so proud of them and how they have flourished into beautiful loving kitties. I'm sure you are having a great time with yours as can one NOT have fun with them, they're a ball! I'm so lucky to have had 8 babies and I love them all.

Have you found homes for them or are you keeping them? We have found homes for 6 and some maybes for the other two siamese. Mom will be getting fixed in a couple weeks.
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Lily reminds me of a little Raggy kitten. They are both cute with nice markings - are you keeping both?
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Thanks! Yeah they both have the long hair...Mom & Dad both have long hair and yep I am keeping both kittens - I cant give em up lol...My mom wants Lily but I cant let her go...cant let either of them go. I think my hubby is glad there were only 2 babies LOL
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Because they are brother/sister, be sure to schedule the spay/neuter by 4 months old so they won't breed. At least get her done first if you can't get both done together. Males can get a female pregnant (and she doesn't have to be in heat) up to 2 months after they are neutered.
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Oh yes...they will all be spayed & neutered as soon as I can. The kittens still do not eat anything other then mom's milk..cant get them to eat anything else so mom is not dried up and the vet will not spay her. As for the kittens, at what age is recommended for them?
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Katch, the kittens should be fixed around 6 months. My vet won't do it any sooner and does not recommend it. I am getting Lily fixed on Thursday so we won't have her giving birth to 8 kittens again LOL. Her kittens are now 8 weeks and almost fully weaned. They go for a comfort boobie once in a while, but not often. The vet also said they were old enough to leave their mom and have learned all they needed to from her. I allowed 5 to leave us and go to their forever homes and ALL of them have adjusted to their new homes beautifully. We know everyone personally who took one or two kittens each, so we're delighted we'll be able to see them grow up. Two more will be going to my lawyer's home on the weekend. We might end up keeping the last kitten as he hasn't found a home and we love him anyways

I know I'll be ripped up and down here for allowing them to leave, but I have never had a problem with this in the past and the vet said there is no need to keep them any longer than 8 weeks if homes are found. I told her about this place and what has been said about keeping them way longer, but she said it was more than fine.
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So with the kittens there is no chance of them breeding before that 6 month mark? I was worried that if I didnt get them done by about that time that there would be some trouble...and I dont want that kinda trouble! lol

I am so glad to hear that you found loving homes for almost all of your babies! So nice that you still get watch them grow up.

I dont think its a problem that you let them go at 8 weeks. As long as they were eating and learned all that was needed to be learned there is not much more that you could do. You found them loving homes and thats what matters! Every kitten I have ever got in my life I got at 6 weeks - now i know thats not recommended, but they were also litter trained and eating all kinds of kitten food and we never had any problems with any of them. Now with Tiger & Lily being over that 6 week mark and NOT eating any kind of food I would never let them go ( even if I was planning on finding them new homes) because I know they still have lots to learn...

Bless you Skewch for finding loving homes for your kittens and caring enough to make sure you have access to them in the future to watch them grow up
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Well, in my case, my male had no clue what he was doing up until he got Lily pregnant, so he was 10 months old. I have never had an animal fixed before 6 months (vets here don't do it), give or take a few days each way. My last female we had fixed at 1 yr old as that was the first time she went into heat and I couldn't stand the noise anymore LOL. Both of my boys didn't come around till a couple years after, so there was no way she could get pregnant being that she was indoors only prior to surgery.

I wouldn't worry too much about them breeding prior to 6 months. If I were in your shoes though, I would fix the male first, then the female.

All of my babies are doing really well in their new homes and the other 3 here are doing so well. I love them to pieces and hate for them to go, but I think FINALLY my devon girl is in heat and Bob has been trying all day LOL...we have been waiting to breed I might have more kittens by halloween LOL.

My son came home from rehab today...he hadn't seen the kittens since they were a day old, so he's happy he can at least be with them for a couple days until the two leave for my lawyer's house.
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They are so cute!

Kittens can and do breed well before they are 6 months old. Vets used to wait until 6 months because they weren't taught how to do it on smaller animals. That isn't the case anymore. While some prefer to wait until the pet is 6 months old because it's easier for the vet, many many vets will spay/neuter when the cat is 2 lbs. Most humane societies spay/neuter kittens before they are 12 weeks old so they can be adopted then and go to their new home. If you want the animals to be older, waiting until 6 months isn't the end of the world but that's just not the case when you have a male and female who are both intact.

I would have the female done ASAP and the male closely after. (At the same time if you can afford it, but the female is more important since the neuter surgery isn't effective right away and the spay surgery is).
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