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Agricultural Fairs

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Spent some time today at an Agricultural Fair and had a great time..

One of the exhibits that I really enjoyed was about the Living Ark project..

This is an international project that sponsors the production of domestic animal species, fruit and veggies, as well a various grains that are no longer produce because they are not considered efficient..

I got to see some highland cattle, various chicken species, and some domestic geese that are virtually extinct.

I tried some bread made of a rogue wheat, and some tomato's that aren't popular simply because they are more orange then red..

Very cool..........

Anyone else interested in such projects.
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Last year, I met a man who was growing fruits and he had these delicious grapes- they were green, very round, and very sweet. But they weren't for sale because they had seeds in them!

I think it's a shame that some tasty foods are not on the market because of things like seeds, or color.
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Sounds like fun!

I love agricultural shows When I was at agricultural college we got to help out with the horse events at the South Of England Show. We got to camp out for 3 days and my group was in charge of doing the show jumps in the main ring. We had plenty of spare time to go and look at all the other events and stalls. It was great fun!
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Of course, coming up here in about 6 weeks is the largest fair in the U.S., the State Fair of Texas. (Could you hear Big Tex booming out those capital letters?) It runs for almost a month, with different specialties on the grounds all the time.

State Fair of Texas

Big Tex being set up:

Big Tex setup

A day at the fair:

A day at the fair
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You should check out Seed Savers Exchange!! They are located in Iowa. They send out a small seed catalog but if you join you get the large one as members swap uncommon seeds from around the country. Also in Iowa is a similar seed catalog but they also sell poultry chicks from uncommon breeds too.
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